Monday, 14 September 2009

Monday, 24 August 2009

Music and Now Revolution

Because that's what friends do isn't it.

the world on higher downs

Turn your speakers up and listen, rather nice I think.

keep believing, and keep preparing for the revolution. it will not be televised, and it will not be reported on by anyone but you. The revolution is already here, so wake up, start seeing the present, give thanks to the moment, you don't have to like what you see, but you have to see it for what it is, reality, and reality in itself is beautiful. Now is the only moment that matters, if you are not present Now, it will have past, so don't spend the Now thinking about the past or the what ifs of the future. think of the now, act on the now, and do the best of the now, now. Every thing you think of and do becomes your future, what you do now, will have an impact on your future, and the now is constantly changing as is the past and future. impact your future by being in the now with positive thoughts and positive actions, now creates your future, what you are thinking right now will create how you will respond, look or think about something in the future, or in the new now. try to catch your negative actions and thoughts when they come in the now. stop yourself when you are thinking of the what ifs from the past, think of the now. Think of the wonder that you are creating every moment of every second: your life. a truly glorious gift, make the most of it, and remember that you, your mind, your body and your spirit is free, and belongs to no man, woman, organization or government. you are born free, and it is your right to remain free. look around you and see what encroaches on your personal freedom and question it. you are free, and now is the moment to be free.

For the Revolution!

For the Now!

For Love

Monday, 17 August 2009

no internet!

I have lounged in to homelessness, which has worked out rather well thanks to great friends who have helped me out with a studio flat a camper van and a room. This has me humbled and very grateful towards them...

However I haven't had Internet on tap, something I am used to and has had the last 7 years or so. and with no laptop ( I only have a desktop which is not connected) doing your normal writing and work is rather hard.

As such I have read a lot of books, and spent allot of time doing nothing (meditating), or picking up the guitar, with the effort to master it...

I have also had time to squeeze in two Festivals, the Glade and the Big Chill, both was a great experience and I had many waken hours, took in some great music, and had a glorious time... due to this I have spent approx 10 days of my homelessness spell in a tent.

Side note: Wobbly Squadron at Glade and British Sea Power, Bonobo, Gong and Black Sand at Big Chill, sonic landscapes and musical art at it's very best!

It is refreshing with no internet, at the same time, very difficult to do what I want to do, prepare for my new life in the new world...

I will purchase myself a laptop soon, and that should get me on the track towards regular writing, and research.

The time is ticking down, and it is time for me to publish before I leave this rather unharmonious internet cafe for some mundane house tasks.

Remember that you are unique just like everybody else!

with Love!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Stress, acid and Schizophrenia

I read somewhere that moving is one of the most stressful things that one can do in life...

how far up the list of stressful things it is, I am not really sure, however I bet you it's up there alongside: being in a circus cage with tigers and money worries like not being able to pay your bills etc.

Now stress builds up acid in the body and acidity in the body causes disease, so you want to keep stress at a minimum in your life. to keep your body alkaline is one of the big secrets to good health.

There are many keys to the door to perfect health, they are usually not spoken about, however I will start giving a few keys away every so often: Here is one major key aspect to good health, I already wrote about!

Good health is a pretty simple task really, however "Health" is big business and majority of things that are bad for your health are also big business, and big business usually gets their way... the fact that we allow aspartame to be consumed at all is just one very obvious example of this (big business having a negative impact on your life that is).

anyway, stress and moving was the thought that started this blog - I am moving - tomorrow, and I don't really know where, all I know is that on Friday the new tenant is moving in.
It is a pretty stressful thought, and it doesn't help that my rock, my fiancee and my princess is flying off to samba land tomorrow.

repacking for the 3rd time, maybe even 4th and have managed to give most of our worldly possessions away to friends... except a table and a whole lot of books and other curiosa that we are having shipped over the old fashion way, (American translation = by sea).

so how am I coping with the stress you ask, well I am sitting here and writing a blog, at night, so I think all things considered pretty well, that said allot to do, so maybe not so good.

Short interview with myself:

M -Do you feel overwhelmed?
M1 -oh yes I do, indeed.

M - what are you doing to cope with the stress?
M1 - well I am writing a blog, which is turning out rather schizophrenic, thank you. I am also keeping it calm, and thinking that there is always tomorrow to finish up. as long as P manages to get her stuff sorted and bundled on the plane I am happy, and can then tackle what is left.

M- so you started talking about how stress creates acidity in the body, what are you doing to prevent that?
M1 - well, I am rather healthy as it is, but I did buy a big head of green salad that I will make a smoothie of in the morning, you see, greens, are very good for alkalinity. and then there is the watermelons we have been eating during packing the last few days... there's allot of good diet choices involved... and I don't really eat much stuff that is acidic so I trust myself to tackle this stress attack of acidic build up, however that is just the physical side of things....

M - OK, so what are you doing to sort out the mental side?
M1 - well, for one I wrote this blog, and now I will get back in to it. if you have to do something, just do it. no point in waiting, I am a great procrastinator; but then I also know that this is just a belief and a thought that I have, and thoughts can be changed, so I will do it now. if you can do it later, don't. Do it now, do it now, do it now! I will feel all better for it when I am done.

M - well, I will not hold you here anymore then off you go, thank you.
M1 - no, thank you!

There we go folks - shows over for this time - I got things to do

Peace and love

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Because you are worth it!

Each and every one of us have the potential to be the best we can and each of us can do the best we can to release that potential.

We all come from different places and mindsets but that doesn't stop the fact that we can always improve, to release more of the greatness which is you.

Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others.
Mark Twain
It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not;
Don't set limits for your thoughts and dreams as you will never reach further than your beliefs. Negative thoughts will bring you negative results, and negative results will only give you confirmation that you were right, which is the only satisfaction you can reap from it.

If you doubt yourself, then indeed you stand on shaky ground.
Henrik Ibsen

Don't limit your life by limiting beliefs about yourself, you are a wonderful human being and you can manage anything you put your heart and mind to.

Most people never realize their own magnificence - and sadly the world is a darker place for it. What we see around us today is a society built on self-doubt, guilt, fear, confusion and self-hatred, to release you from thoughts that put blame on yourself, of any kind, is to invite life.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt

When you look at life without any of the negative feelings and insecurities you hold towards yourself and your circumstances you will start to enjoy every moment of it!

To be truly present is the greatest gift of all, and perhaps also the hardest. I assume this is why most people prefer hard presents - They are a metaphor for living in the NOW.

Don't let the past steal your present.
Cherralea Morgen

Every morning, seek out a mirror of your own choosing and look yourself in they eyes and say: "I am a beautiful, magnificent human being, and I am grateful for everything life brings me!"

Smile to yourself, take a deep breath and say it again.

"I am a beautiful, magnificent human being, and I am grateful for everything life brings me!"

keep repeating it as many times you feel like, you truly can't say it enough.

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval"
Mark Twain

Through out the day, if you are having any negative thoughts, encounters or moments, which will set your mood in the wrong direction, think back to the morning chat you had with yourself. That's right, you, talking to yourself in the mirror. Remember that you are a beautiful, magnificent human being and what ever just happened was a gift from life, and guess what, you are grateful for it.

Take a deep breath, and slowly breath out, and thank yourself for being mindful enough to remind yourself of your magnificence.

All of us have wonders hidden in our breasts; only needing circumstances to evoke them. Charles Dickens

The road I am talking about so much ( is happiness and joy, The reason it is a road is because life's a journey, not a destination, so don't try to get to a happier or better place, it doesn't exist anywhere, it exists everywhere at all times.

You are living it right now, embrace it!

That's it folks, keep on truckin!

Don't reinvent the wheel; don't change the wheel, just roll with it.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

the 27 leaders of the EU - that you did NOT vote for

If you live inside the European Union borders you don't elect the people who rule you, you don't elect the people who fashion your laws, you don't have the final say in what you can eat and drink, how much money you will be paying in taxes, and what you can do for a living. they are in control of your liberty. and no, they are not elected. The 27 unelected leaders of you! and I quote:

"The European Commission is responsible for drawing up legislation that impacts daily on the lives of almost half a billion Europeans, as well as enforcing the measures already in place.
Its president -- who like the commissioners is appointed rather than elected -- has significant leverage to influence legislative priorities. The institution will have a budget of 138 billion euros in 2010."
These are the people who gain from a EU state not you. These are people you have not elected!
we have to stop the Lisbon treaty before we loose the little freedom we have left, as it will give even more of the control over to the unelected few and away from us, the people.
If you didn't vote for it it's not democratic, and if you didn't vote for the 27 scumbags in the top, why are they deciding how your future will look like?
why are they deciding what you can and cannot do?
why are you paying for them, why are you giving them a pension scheme?
why are you giving them money to spend? (a budget of 138 billion euros in 2010)
There is only one way this will go and that is to take to the streets, to the computers, to the emails, to the pen and papers, and the letterboxes, to the megaphones and telephones, to the walls and notice boards - spread it far and wide and make people wake up from the daze, shut down your TV and question what you are reading - a revolution is coming my friends, or it has to come - the little freedom you have left will be gone, left in the hands of the few - lets show what democracy is all about, somehow along the way it seems that it got confused with dictatorship!

Friday, 19 June 2009

You voted for the European elections or you didn't.

Either way, good for you!

Reasons you might have voted:

- you believe your 1 vote can make a difference.

- you honestly believe that the MEP you voted for will actually be able to make a difference (give me one example of a MEP who managed to get a piece of legislation through - I bet you will not find one)

- you like the feeling of voting, granted, it is a rather exciting procedure that we don't get to do very often. Media builds it up as very important so it must be, right?

- you don't want to tell your friends that you didn't vote, as you will be looked upon as lazy or non caring. We all know how important it is what other people think of us, don't we?
ohh please like me!

- you think that you live in a democratic society and therefore you feel that your owe it to all those unlucky people that don't have the right to.

- or maybe you are a politician, then you should know it is all a big game, but you have to vote, as if you don't the press will have a field day if they find out that you didn't. It is also your livelihood we are talking about, so it pays off to have people believe that the "democratic process" we have, is just that; democratic.

- you like to win, and you voted for a "safe horse" so you can rejoice and say, yes we made it, my vote counted... this is the only time your vote will "count" if you vote for the obvious winner, but that isn't really democracy that is just following media and the "spin doctors", which is what you are expected to do in the first place. Good for you, being so individual and all, you most likely believe in all the crap they are feeding you.... mmm crap, can I have some more please

- you think that the person you vote for will keep all their promises, which I am sorry to break it for you, will not happen.

Reasons you might not have voted:

- you are ignorant and don't even know there was an election on.

- you watch big brother (pop idol, X-factor etc.), and that is all the voting you do, this way you can vote every week during the on season, life is sweet as long as you have your TV.

- you chose not to as you don't have any good options to vote for, as far as you are concerned they are all a bunch of crooks, who is in if for their own gain and not yours.

- you are a mathematician and have done the numbers: voting is futile. It would be a mathematical miracle if your vote actually decided the result of an election.

- you are making a political statement by not voting, as you don't think it will matter if you do or not. (however if you ask me, not doing anything is not much of a statement)

- you feel that it is against your human rights: every human being has the right not to be ruled in any slight degree by somebody else; or in other words, no human has any right to rule another.

- you don't see the point in taking time out for voting - you are preparing yourself for the revolution to come, this is when you will show what real democracy is all about. (and for that I salute you - very admirable stance)


Now if voting would matter EU would not be around, or an EU parliament - Majority rule is what they call democracy, if that is the case they should realize that we have seen through the lies, it was a voter turn out of 43.08% in the European election, that means that more than half has completely stopped believing in the "democratic process" that we have in Europe, and with all right. Majority rule has spoken clearly, we do not want to be governed, we do not want you to make rules for us, we want to be left alone and free!


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

NATO's War Plans For The High North

It's lengthy and it isn't written by me, however I did change defense(US) to defence (UK) , just because I feel so British, innit!

At the moment SWEDEN is being used as a playground for WAR, and it is WRONG, so very wrong, but being SHEEPLE rather than free thinking people, we probably THINK it is for our own GOOD, but guess what, it is NOT in YOUR interest!
------- ------- ------- -------

NATO's War Plans For The High North
Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea

by Rick Rozoff

Global Research, June 14, 2009

Since the beginning of the year the United States and NATO have repeatedly indicated in both word and deed their intention to lay claim to and extend their military presence in what they refer to as the High North: The Arctic Circle and the waters connecting with it, the Barents and the Norwegian Seas, as well as the Baltic.

Washington issued National Security Presidential Directive 66 on January 12, 2009 which includes the bellicose claim that "The United States has broad and fundamental national security interests in the Arctic region [which] include such matters as missile defence and early warning; deployment of sea and air systems for strategic sealift, strategic deterrence, maritime presence, and maritime security operations." [1] Later in the same month the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] held a two-day Seminar on Security Prospects in the High North in the capital of Iceland attended by the bloc's secretary general and its top military commanders.

This coordinated initiative has been covered in a previous article in this series [2] and plans by the West to encroach on Arctic territory and confront Russia in the western region of the ocean have been addressed in another. [3]

Over the past month efforts by NATO member states, individually and collectively, to increase their military presence and war-fighting ability in the High North have accelerated dramatically.

Sweden: NATO's Testing Ground And Battleground

The alarming and aggressive campaign is exemplified by the ongoing 10-day Loyal Arrow 2009 NATO military exercises being conducted in Sweden, described by a major American daily newspaper as "A NATO rapid-reaction force...on a war footing in Swedish Lapland" which consists of "Ten countries, 2,000 troops, a strike aircraft carrier, and 50 fighter jets - including the US Air Force's F-15 Eagle...participating in war games near contested Arctic territories."

The same source reflects that "Choosing this place for war games reflects the growing strategic importance of the Arctic, which is estimated to contain a quarter of the Earth's oil and gas...." [4]

A NATO website offers these details:

"Ten NATO and non-NATO nations will participate in the live flying exercise LAW 09 in Sweden from 8 to 18 June 2009. Some 50 fast jets, which will be based at Norrbotten Wing, Sweden will participate in the exercise. The aim of the exercise is to train units and selected parts of the NATO Response Force Joint Force Air Component Headquarters in the coordination and conduct of air operations. Additionally, NATO Airborne Warning and Control (AWACS) aircraft, as well as other transport aircraft and helicopters, will support the exercise. Some of the participating units will be flying in from bases in Norway and Finland.

"The exercise is based upon a fictitious scenario. Within this scenario, elements of the NATO Response Force (NRF)...will be deployed to a theatre of operations. The NRF was created to provide the Alliance with an effective tool to face the new security threats of the 21st century. It is a rapidly deployable, multinational and joint force with modern equipment able to carry out the full range of Alliance missions whenever and wherever needed, as tasked by the North Atlantic Council.

"About 800-900 troops from Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and the United States as well as NATO’s airborne early warning component will participate." [5]

US Air Force personnel flew in from the US-used base in Mildenhall, England and "Air and ground crews from United States Air Forces in Europe joined military units from about 10 other nations June 8...." [6]

The war games are based in the Bothnian Bay in the Northern Baltic Sea and are the largest display of air power in the area's history.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

I feel it's about time

I haven't written in a while which mainly is due to me being busy with other worldly things. like working, eating, getting from point A to point B, sleeping, engaging in the odd social encounters, spending time with my beautiful wife to be, and as always, reading and educating myself.

I have lately had many blog-thoughts and I have so many things I want to share with you, but it has created an overload in the system, so I don't know what to write about first... so I thought a "subject-less" blog-entry without any "prep" or forethought is the only way to go.

Well it isn't the only way to go, but it is the rout I just now have decided to go down (up, along, sideways - well, we'll see what direction it takes).

So I changed the URL for my blog, to instead of the old and in many peoples minds Anti and Agressive libertarian anarchist. I did/do kind of agree with you and just the name itself most likely detered many people from reading it in the first place.

it wasn't my first choice, but all the good names were taken, or so I thought until I found the new one. but let me explain the reason for my previous name: libertariananarchist

lets break it up: libertarian
1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.
2. One who believes in free will.

a person who believes in freedom of thought and action
believing in freedom of thought and action

I can justly say that I am, and believe strongly in all of the above:
- we are all free people with free will - if we exercise said will - sadly majority of people let the box (TV), corporate media and peer groups be our will.

next word then: anarchist
An advocate of or a participant in anarchism.

1. a person who advocates anarchism- to a certain degree, yes I do.
2. a person who causes disorder or upheaval - don't we all at times? or if not, we should all do so at times, if not just to keep ourselves and the "powers to be" on our/their toes.

to clarify: anarchism

1. The theory or doctrine that all forms of government are oppressive and undesirable and should be abolished. - governments are there to govern, a free person does not need to be governed, that is all I have to say about it.
2. Active resistance and terrorism against the state, as used by some anarchists. - this is not what I mean and I do not condone it, however, if said "state" is using terror towards its citizens it might be the only solution, but I would prefer to call it revolution!
3. Rejection of all forms of coercive control and authority - is your parents authority then don't, but if the authority is, say, a policeman trying to stop you going to a peacful protest, then yes!

a doctrine advocating the abolition of government and its replacement by a social system based on voluntary cooperation - now doesn't that sound nice!

or, anarchism:
1. a political theory advocating the elimination of governments and governmental restraint and the substitution of voluntary cooperation among individuals. - See this is what I mean it is for cooperation and against restraints. this is the tree I am barking up, and who is the cat sitting in the tree you ask.
2. the methods and practices of anarchists - what ever that is? all I know is that media is painting it out to be a truly bad and violent, hence I decided I have to change the name as majority of people think of negative things when they hear the word anarchist.

so the new name then?

What is the road - well come with me on my blog journey and I shall show you!

- the road is happiness but the landscape you see from this road is not always a happy and a pretty one, but if you stay on the road, you will not let the landscape bring you down, just empower you...

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Something we can all agree on!

I have always been a big fan of Quentin Tarantino, which I would guess does not make me very unique as he truly is one of the best script writers and directors of our time.

His films are accessible and you can at the same time seem arty by liking him and read in greater meanings to his work, if you are in to that sort of thing.

if asked; I usually say that my favourite movie is Natural Born Killer (I know it's Oliver Stone who is the director before you make a comment):
it's a hell of a ride of a movie, but it also saves me actually thinking about all the different great movies out there and try to grade them all according to a list.

movies are not supposed to be listed, but just be taken in as they are, an expression of art, or in some cases lack there of.

The following short, is one of the best things I've seen in a long time, great dialogue, clever, funny and great editing etc.... maybe better than anything Tarantino has ever done, but without any of his work this short would never be; Anyway I sound like a cinematic wanker, which I am not, so I should just stop right here.

The following 15 minutes will not change your life or give you insight of any laws, corporate corruption or EU power hijackings. it will simply give you a 15 minute cinematic experience that I think you will appreciate highly....

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Crazy date dropping ala Michel de Nostredame

Met a man about a month ago, he told me that tomorrow, the 17th of May there would be an earthquake...
so I thought; "let me write something before the 17th, just in case"

he couldn't specify where in the world so I guess we'll just have to wait and see, or not.


this also seems like a good time to do my own slightly fringe and crazy date dropping.

"Terrorist attack 27/7 - 09"
or close to this date, maybe in Mexico, then the States.

there will be a "terrorist attack" training operation July 27 through July 31, 2009, and as so often, training and reality can so easily be confused.

on the 7/7 event in London there just happened to be a terrorist attack training taking place at some of the stations involved, so who knows?

countries involved: US, UK, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA and CANADA.

it need to be a good sounding date though, like 9-11 or 7-7 so how about 24-7, sounds better than 27-7. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Call me mad, but state terrorism has happened all through history so I thought I'd write something, as if I don't, I can't say "what was it I said"

I know I will be called a crazy conspiracy nut for this post, but hey if it happens I would really like to have this posted.

love, peace and misunderstandings

Thursday, 7 May 2009

EU, cows, hormones and you!

1988 the EU banned US beef on the grounds that US beef producers made use of growth-promoting hormones that are unapproved in the EU.
The World Trade Organization, the global trade watchdog, ruled 11 years ago that the ban was inconsistent with WTO rules.
WTO stands for: Free Trade – not fair trade, not trade to protect the consumer. Free trade indicates that you are allowed to sell your product anywhere in the world, and if a country decides not to import something, due to it being harmful, or any other reason, they will get penalized (read fined) by the WTO. - or to explain US get to penalize european products etc.
So the EU has been paying money not to import dangerous meat... but now they seem to have grown tired of this, and just decided to accept the hormone fuelled meat. I would say the real reason is that EU no longer looks after the citizens of Europe’s interest. Beef from the states is now accepted.
So on that note, if you do eat meat, look on the label, to stay protected!
Actually, if you do eat meat, you should really only go for organic meat, as you can then be almost certain that this animal has not been fed; GM soy and crops, or worse, dead animals. Ohh yeah, dead animals are great to add to animal feed as the cows fatten up so nicely....
it makes them sick, sure, but there is always antibiotics and other drugs you can pump your animal full with to prevent it from becoming too sick... mind you, all drugs and foods stays in the meat of the animal, so when you eat it, you get it in to your own body....
so to put it in a saying I am sure no one really puts much attention to but we have all heard:
You are what you eat!
So if you eat hormone fuelled meat, you will get some serious hormone imbalances, which in the long and short term will put your health at risk, be it your thyroid, your weight gain, or lack of weight loss, poor sleep, allergy symptoms, low sex drive, depression, aggression, headaches, adult acne, hair loss, well, you name it.... all due to your imbalanced hormones
Your hormones are the regulators of every function in your body... yes that’s right, EVERY function of your body!
A hormone imbalance stems from a poor diet and an unhealthy life style... or medical drugs, cigarettes, lack of exercise etc. but I guess that all really fall under the unhealthy life style column.
Don’t trust the powers to be, because you did not put them there!

Maybe I found the profiteers!

A few years ago I remember reading how the Spanish flew had been activated again by scientists, I just thought of it as madness then, but now I realise it is more than a thought, it really is madness!

So remember I said I didn’t know who would make money of the recent outbreak of Swine flu?

Well the following little snippet of information is most likely giving you the answer to my earlier questions.

I did think it was strange that Mexican pigs could have viruses from Europe and Asia....

Watch it now; you never know how long it will be online for:
ohh, his shirt is brilliant, I know!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

a needle with a magic substance

So vaccines then:
The logic with vaccines is to inject (or in some cases swallow or inhale) the virus, bacterium or toxin (usually weakened or dead) into your bloodstream and then anti bodies will form. Essentially your immune system will react to what was just injected as it is an attack on the body, and western medicine has then decided (without too much to back it up) that this is the way that you prepare the body for disease... now I don’t know, but that does sound like funny science to me. Something can make me sick, so let’s inject it, then my body will be prepared for more of that same bad stuff.... hmm, how about not injecting anything and if I happen to get the bacterium or virus or whatever in to my body my body can create the anti bodies there and then.... that is what the immune system is all about in the end of the day.

Many vaccines has mercury (the second most poisonous substance to humans, only plutonium in all its forms is worse). Yet mercury is what they use as a conservation substance in your vaccines and your children’s for that matter, Mercury in vaccines is one of the reasons for the rising autism levels in children ( heatedly denied by some, unfortunately experienced by others)..... now, not all vaccines have it, but make sure to ask who the manufacturer is and to see an ingredient list before you take and allow anyone to inject vaccines in you and/or your children.

If you do this, find out what the different things that you are planning on having injected are, and how they affect the body, don’t ask the doctor (they will most likely not know what’s in it anyway) then make your own decision. It is your body! Don’t make social conditioning, the government or anyone else decide for you.
Vaccine you see is big business. Big business is big money, and big money has through history always been weighing more than people. You see money talks, dead and sick people don’t.

Also don’t forget that any adverse effects from vaccines can easily be put down to something else by your good friend the doctor.

Vaccine is such big business that they have decided that the flu virus shot only lasts for one year, and you have to have a new one every year if you want to stay protected from it. Oh and that said, even if you get the shot you are not guaranteed protection as there are so many strains of the flu virus... funny how they manage to put all sorts of prevention in one little shot, but yet they cannot come up with a flu vaccine that protects you from all the common flu viruses... strange, and if you think about it....
Doesn’t it sound like a great money making scheme. I make a vaccine that is not guaranteed to protect you, but I still sell it to governments all around the world and they then inject their citizens... does it help, not really, they still get the flu or they don’t, but then the same would be true if they didn’t have the jab, some would get he flu and others wouldn’t...

Now I will make a bold claim, there is no such thing as the flu, or the flu virus. It is a cold, snotty nose, fever, bad throat and cough, symptoms we all know... that’s it. And a healthy body doesn’t get sick, as easy as that. And a vaccinated body is less healthy then one who hasn’t been injected with toxic elements.
There is only one worthy medicine and that is everything you eat. It will either boost you or break you down. Medicine will only break you down, although it might hide symptoms, and in some cases, kill bacteria
(both good and bad) and lessen viral outbreaks.

so I will finish with the words by a man who, by many, is given the title: the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates:

"let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" 460BC

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pigs can fly

so swine flu is the new threat to mankind, or so the media is telling us. But even the mainstream media is giving us some clues on how ridiculous this threat is. The Death rate I was reading in the Metro is 2%, which in statistical context is not high at all. Western medicine frequently allows, approves and uses medical drugs and treatment with a death rate higher than this 2%, but no one ever talks about a medical pandemic.
Why oh why I ask?
Now with trying to answer that previous question myself (“the why oh, why” question”): Western medicine with their stethoscopes, blood samples and sophisticated machines naturally has the answer for everything. It’s the ever important parental figure that you can turn to in your time of need to look after you....
And in times of swine flu, they will bring out the, oh so wonderful vaccine, a needle with a magic substance that will protect you. That’s great, how lucky we are to have these wonderful companies working for our health.
So we are reading numbers of up to 120 million may die if a pandemic breaks loose. Now are you scared yet, do you want that vaccine to protect yourself because it would suck if you were one of those 120 million, wouldn’t it? So anyhow if my maths is correct (please tell me if it isn’t) that means that they are counting on 6 000 000 000 people to get infected with the swine flu... a rather big even and random number if you ask me... or maybe that is just how many they are planning to inject...
120 million - how is that for a scare?
Please save us governments and pharmaceutical companies you know what is best for us...
and now pause...
take a look at the countries around the world and tell yourself how many countries can you honestly say has a trustworthy and all through ethical government... and please don’t say any EU country, as all Presidents, Prime ministers and foreign secretaries has signed the Lisbon treaty, in effect handing over their sovereign countries (e.g Sweden) to the hands of central European government. A senator in Missouri (or any other US State) has more legislative right then the Swedish (pick your EU nation of choice) government.
What if you get the swine flu while sitting on a train somewhere just minding your own business reading the daily news paper - you come home cough a bit, and give it to your family and loved ones - and then they shake hand with someone and then that person has it - oh it spreads so easily, what are we going to do!!!
So, are you scared yet?
Good, that is the state you should be in – because then you will happily take anything the psychologically important father figure (the doctor) will give you. Western medicine will save us all with their “100 year history of saving people”.... during this history there has been so many medicinal cock-up’s that I can’t even be asked to write it here.... but Google swine flu 1976 for a little update on what happened last time swine flu was on the news.
Don’t get me wrong, if I have a car crash and I need to be put back together again I would like to have the best western medicine has to offer. But when it comes to preventing a disease, I would like them to get out of my way.
How does it work?
Pharmaceutical companies make drugs to sell to sick people, not to healthy people. Doctors make money by treating sick people not by treating healthy people; many doctors also get rewarded on a prescription, and examination basis directly from pharmaceutical companies and their allies. Research is paid for mostly by large pharmaceutical companies wanting to make money.
That’s good we can trust the research!
Now to find out that a drug has adverse effects doesn’t make money. However to put them down as side effects (if we’re lucky) and sell the drug anyway does make money, it also keeps people sick.
remember the side effects? They will have something for you to take to sort that out too, don’t you worry, the Doctor will look after you.
There are examples over and over again of researchers that flag drugs, foods, and chemicals etc. as dangerous (with very good scientific reason). They gets shunned i.e. never gets money to research anything again ever. I assume that just like doctors and pharmaceutical companies, researchers’ wants to keep working so that they can receive that sweet, sweet money we are all working so hard to have...
So who will make money of the resent outbreak of swine flu?
Not sure yet, but I do know this:
Donald Rumsfeld made around $5 million dollars due to his shares in the pharmaceutical company who sold the governments of the world the bird flu vaccine. Remember bird flu or Tamiflu as they called it, it was going to wipe us all out, and lord oh lord were we scared. The financial year before bird flu hit the media the company projected that they would make massive profits the coming year, even though the financial year just finished they didn’t make much profits at all... what did they know that we didn’t?
The Company in question is Gilead Sciences – Donald Rumsfeld used to be on the board of directors before taking office under the Bush administration.

"The rumours of bird flu are being spread by an American company owned by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, to boost U.S. sales of costly medicines."
--Dr. Saeed, President of Pakistan's Poultry Doctors Association`
I don’t want to think and write about the scary implications that might be put in motion due to all this: forced vaccinations, quarantines, the blockade of travel etc.
I really only have one thing to say about this whole swine flu drama;
Don’t believe the hype!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

how do I get my blog out there?

I have now, as you can see, started a blog. It was one of those spur of the moments flashes of just do it - so I did it right there and then before both the flash and the spur of the moment disappeared.

I just now signed up to the google webmaster tools, which they say will help my page show up on search results etc.

But how else do I get my blog out there?
are there forums where you can post your blog to interested blog readers somewhere, or is it just to keep on writing blog after blog, and hope that someone actually reads them and sooner or later through word and mouth (or more likely email or IM) I will have a small group of readers...

That's naturally assuming that the people reading it in the first place actually like what they are reading, making them bothered enough to come back, and more so recommend it to someone else. I do however think we should go with that assumption, the option that no one likes my writing simply isn't an attractive enough option to contemplate.

granted I guess writing is a rather selfish meditation, like all arts, but where is the fun in writing a blog if no one reads it... then you might as well write a diary. or alternatively letters to random people in your address book.

did you just notice how I in the sentence above referred to my own writing as art. although I would argue that it is, in a way. If you think about it all forms of expressing oneself through a special medium can be considered art. But maybe I am pushing it by comparing my off the cuff writing to art.

It all depends I guess, I am not writing only for myself, I am writing because I want to get a message or many messages out there. I am writing because I am concerned or desperately want to make people aware of things that they will not read in the news papers, or see on the TV. I am writing because I feel I have to do something, and not just sit by and look as we are all getting blindfolded, ball gagged, and slapped.

So I guess it is a selfish thing... I am doing it so that I can feel like I did, am doing and have done something - and I realize that in the written form I will probably seem slightly less intense. apparently I can come across forceful when I discuss certain issues in the flesh, it is somehow easier to get hijacked by your emotions when you are talking about something that you feel passionately about then when you are writing.... and you can not go back and change what you just have said, but I can always reread what I have just written, and by doing so, remove or fix anything that is a bit over the top, or just plain boring.... but then how do you assess what is boring?

so many questions, no political activism in this post just a question to whoever happens to read this: how do I get my blog out there?

Thank you!

Friday, 24 April 2009

We are all living in an illusion and a lie

I thought it was time to write a little something again.

This time lets have a look at society as we know it and how it is built up to keep us free humans enslaved in a system that quite frankly is not for our benefit.

And I can assure you, a society that most people don't understand, with words having different meanings; and then I don't talk about cock - who we all know can have different meanings: is it a male genetalia or is it a male bird? 
Something I am sure we all ask ourselves when we hear aforementioned word. 

No I am talking about something very much more sinister..... an age old scam to keep you sucking from the sour teat of enslavement.

We will do this not by my writing but to take 30 minutes out of your (I am sure) very busy lives... and watch this here talk by John Harris.
Don't be a person. be free as nature intended.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

How to save the earth

I guess the earth is technically OK in the long run, but we aren't, nor are a whole lot of animal and plant-species.

so the question should be: how do we save mankind(or to be PC the human race), along with nature as we know it?
the good thing is that there are many different ways to do this, but the important thing is that we should always start with ourself.

it is through our concious choices and actions that positive change will come.

the only positive change we can do to others and to the earth is to start with positive changes in ourselves. positive changes in your everyday actions, positive changes in how you relate to others, and on a more material note positive changes in how and what you spend your money on.

the same goes to what we see and read: you can chose what you read, and what you take in. keep it on a positive note rather then reading about the daily petty violence, child molesters, Celebrity divorces, tragic murder cases and abductions. stuff that in the true sence of what is news worthy, really doesn't qualify.
It doesn't improve your life, it doesn't fulfil you, it doesn't give you information on which you can make informed decisions or improve your health, life or society. it doesn't prepare you for anything, and lastly it doesn't make you feel better about yourself.

so be the change you want to see, and unhinge yourself from the claws of the sex and fear based media machines, and believe me, they are working overtime to keep you distracted.

now for the answer to the question above, courtesy of Basic Instructions:

with uppermost love

The Sun is shining

The sky is blue and the sun is bright and here I am inside looking out, when I should be outside looking in, and more importantly stocking up on my vitamin D supply, after the lack of daylight hours in the past winter months.

It’s a funny one Vitamin D.

You make it yourself you see... the sun (ultra violet rays) hits your skin and triggers a vitamin D synthesis, then before the body can use the vitamin it has to go through two hydroxylations, the first in the liver to create calcidiol, and the second (mostly) in the kidney to make it in to what our body can use: calcitriol

Awesome stuff really!

Calcitriol is what you call a regulator of calcium absorption. So in essence you need to get sun to build/maintain strong healthy bones.

With that new knowledge or reminder of an old knowledge perhaps, go out in the sun take off your shirt, pull up your pants, reveal as much skin as you can, and stock up on that ever vital vitamin D.

So off to the park I am.

Keep shining!


I have long been thinking the thought about starting a blog, and to make a very long story short (I have been considering it for a few years, in various forms, at one point I was set to start doing pod casts, but alas, I didn't), I have now started.

and I hope that I will abide to the rules as stated here:, and that I will have a long and pleasant run with the lovely people at google. I do hope they will not let their near search engine monopoly go to their heads or perhaps the mainframes.

so why do I want to start writing a blog, is it an act of narcissism.....?


But it has more to do with the following fun pressing issues:

Love – Humour – Knowledge – Randomness – Music – Food

- Peace - Health – Wellbeing – and maybe the weather

And the less fun pressing issues of:

Codex Alimentarius - Corporate Control - Corruption

- Infringement on our rights -

EU – the Lisbon treaty and much, much more. -

WTO - World Bank - The Police State -Pharmaceutical companies -

WAR - additives - Wall building - Injustice - and perhaps religion at times

And I am sure I will brush on a whole load of other exciting issues. But let’s get this show started, we’ll kick it all of with a shout out (write out) to you, the reader!

Hey, how you doing? Thanks for reading!

Do please come back for a regular dose of my ramblings. I have a lot to share with you.... i.e. just the thought that a group under UN is working actively to try to practically erode Organic Farming and force GM food on to us, makes me..... well it makes me....

Really angry!

When I think about it that is, and that’s the thing you have to go back and read what I just wrote, think about it for a while and what it actually means, and then..... realize how crazy it is, they want to “remove” organic farming, force unlabeled GM food on to us (grains, in bread, cakes, ready meals, you name it), all your vegetables and fruit will be sprayed, with pesticides and herbicides, many many many are allowed and with high allowances for the poison and many with highly proven medical side effects. They want to give every cow a shot of bovine growth hormone and various other drugs and food...

Now that’s crazy isn’t it? the same “group” Codex Alimentarius is going to ban vitamins, with the excuse that they are protecting the consumer so that they will not overdose on too strong vitamin pills.... now I don’t take many vitamins, but I do know a bit about the body and nutrition and what is needed, and to have available the option to “self medicate” yourself with herbs, vitamins and superfoods (like goji berries etc.), or to make up for the lack of vital vitamins minerals etc, should be everyone’s basic right.

Now I am not saying they will manage with all of their initiatives and I hope they will fail with all, but the fact is that they have already managed with quite a few things, and if you look out you will soon start to notice.

I am also saying we need to do something about it!

So write your MP, your representative, go to the health ministry do what ever it takes to inform “the powers to be” that YOU do not stand for it.

More information can be found by naturally “googling” Codex Alimentarius and doing your own research, something I will always invite you to do, get informed.

Then there is naturally the website: who is currently our loudest voice and maybe currently also our biggest hope.

Ok I think it’s time I round this up, but let’s all go out there and tell a minimum of three people about Codex Alimentarius. That way we can all say that we did something to stop it!

Until next time, keep on smiling and the world will smile back