Thursday, 26 May 2011

Social Media and Birthdays

Social media like i.e. Facebook is mostly a place for narcissism, networking or voyeurism of various forms.
It can also be seen as a a lazy persons contact list, or as a place to waste huge amounts of time playing with various applications.

In other words, they are not really that social like the name suggests.

However on your birthday the social interactions seems to flourish. People suddenly decide to use the media to be social, A simple click and a (true) heartfelt message later, and you have done a truly social act.

You have made someone feel special and thought of, although everyone involved really knows it is due to the reminder in the corner. But that doesn't matter, a well wishing, is always a well wishing, electronically reminded or not.

So, for all of you who uses social media to congratulate me, thank you very much, it warms my heart, and expect the same in return, when I see your name under birthdays today. as this is a good excuse to socially interact via social media.

Much Love

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Inspiration - rewiring

Hello my Lovelies!
the importance is not to know things, but to be what you know!

Time to wake up!

Bruce Lipton is rather phenomenal, and one of P's favourites, she found this yesterday and has acted, she is now determined to start being what she knows, rather than just knowing but not being... and that is awesome news...

Be present with your concious, watch the 'program play', then re-record the 'tapes' needed

Much Love,

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Money and Revolution (eiher or (or both) it's up to you)

The following started off the discussion on the Revolution, and I quote:
A revolution is bound to happen within this century. Drastic measures and changes will occur. Hopefully dropping the money system completely. Any ideas on how and what’s going to happen?
 An interesting discussion followed, mostly centring around the argument if money is the blame or if there is some other issue that is causing all (supposed) world problems.

This is what I had to say about the issue:

Money is a state of mind!

Money is not the problem, there is money everywhere, as a matter of fact, there is more money in the world now than there has ever been before… money can literally be made-up from thin air, I mean, that is (really) how it’s made. This means you can make money, because it is as real as you make it…Money is just a token of exchange, if you don’t like it don’t use it.

And if you don’t use money, you would have some sort of exchange of goods and services. But in any case, the important thing to understand here is that money is a state of mind, just like everything else, it’s a belief in both the actual sense – the fact that we give it value – and a belief system – The beliefs you have about yourself; the beliefs about your situation, your relationships with money etc.

Naturally this belief system goes further than just money, whatever you hold to be true, will be so. If money is the issue, well then get yourself out of the money system – make yourself self sufficient, or change your belief, both are liberating.

- not needing money and having plenty of money.

So the revolution then?

Well the revolution is here all around you, and it starts with you, the individual. Like Ghandi said, be the change you want to see in the world

the revolution will not come to you, because it is already in you,


If you don’t like the system, change the system, lead, don’t follow, live like you want the world to live, don’t wait for the world to live like you want.


To read the full discussion go to High Existence

Much Love!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This is why the time for the revolution is now!

This is sadly more common than one might believe!

The Police is supposed to protect you, the citizen, however they are more than often used to stop you exercising your free rights as a human; They are used to terrorize and to make you scared.

The danger is when people follow orders, and don't ask questions

for more information about the footage and to get the whole story, go to:

Remember that you are Free no matter what happens, you are born free and you will stay free!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Live food - Raw food - Heated food - Dead food - Deadly food

What do you eat?
If you find that you are eating mostly from the Deadly food list maybe it is time to think twice about your eating habits.

Live food - this is food which is alive
Shoots and Sprouted seeds and nuts
Wild or Organic leaves/fruits/mushrooms/vegetables/flowers/berries/grasses. consumed straight after picking
Insects (eaten by mistake or with purpose as a part of the above)
Eggs (as above, picked from the nest)
Living bacterial cultures - sauerkraut/nut or seed cheeses - this can be either raw or dead foods that you make alive with foreign bacteria through, for example fermentation

Raw food - food which has not been heated.
Dried Fruits

This one is easy, anything that has not been heated. Full of enzymes and fibres (if plant products), vitamins, minerals, good fats etc.

Heated food and/or Dead food - food that has been heated.
The nutritional value has decreased and the water has for the most part been cooked out of it. The molecule structure of the food changes and enzymes are killed. Some foods can have certain compounds released better through cooking, for example due to the fibres breaking down.
Depending on how you prepare the food it will be more or less dead. When I say dead food, it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, as in some cases you will receive more energy (calories), however you will not come close to the nutritional content in raw or live foods.

Superior ways of heating foods are: steaming, stir-frying in a wok using lime or water (not oil), using the oven on low-heat, and boiling (soups).

Deadly food - food that actively does harm to your health and your organism.
OK, here are the killers, I have more or less put them in the order that I rank them when it comes to damaged caused, particularly the first seven:
Soda - any kind of soda, you know them, Coke and all the rest.
Sugar - refined sugar in particular - sugar is (a) seriously addictive and harmful (drug). Avoid at all cost.
Flour - particularly white flour.
Artificial/Chemicals - Aspartame and all the other scary conservatives and e-numbers, they cause you serious harm.
Fast food - or more appropriately named, Junk food (you are what you eat, junk=trash people)
Ready Meals - same as fast food, it is trash!
Cooked or hydrogenated fats - Deep fried foods, or heated fats in general - seriously a bad idea.
Refined salt - Pure Sodium, if you want salt, change it for a natural salt, with the minerals all intact, a real salt has colour (red, grey, pink, purple, black) any colour but white.
Smoked foods - the smoking process creates carcinogens.   
Dairy- pasteurized dairy, no matter what the add campaigns say, it's bad news. It has puss, blood, hormones, vaccines, the protein casein (which promotes cancer growth), and it causes serious mucus build up in your lungs and sinus. Furthermore, it promotes asthma and allergy, and if you are not white European you will have even bigger problems with dairy. 
Soya - Most likely GM - Full of female hormones and other nasty substances, if you want to eat this your best bet is to eat small amounts and make it yourself (then it is a live food)
Meat - another dark horse to your health, if you really want to eat meat, eat only organic meat and fish from clean water, and do so in small amounts, and infrequently. Wild game is the best meat you can eat - pig (pork), cow (beef) and commercial chicken are some of the worst. And naturally sausages and hot dogs, they are nasty things and don't really deserve to be called meat. 
Alcohol -not a food but it has to be on here, as it does your body serious harm, if you want to drink, do so modestly and infrequently.

Simple tips that will get you away from the Deadly list are:
  • Change your products from refined products to unrefined whole products - wholegrain etc
  • Substitute your rice/pasta/potatoes etc. for Quinoa
  • Change your soda drinks for fresh juice or water 
  • Start using a real salt
  • Use the cooking tips as given under heated foods
  • Stop using your microwave oven
  • Stop buying fast food, McDonald's and Co does not serve happy meals, they serve depression.
  • Always eat organic. Particularly meat products.
  • Start reading the ingredients on the products that you buy, if they have conservatives, sugar, salt, hydrogenated fats and soya lecithin (to just mention a few) just don't buy it.... if you really want cookies, well do like your grandmother, make your own (but use unrefined sugar and wholegrain flour)

Simple tips to improve your health through the diet:
  • Eat a fruit before every meal
  • Don't drink with your meal
  • Drink plenty of water in-between meals
  • Drink a fresh juice every day
  • Start your day with a Green smoothie
  • Chew your food properly and eat in a calm state
  • Give thanks for your food
  • Leave two hours after eating before going to bed
  • Feel no guilt in combination to your food choices, eat and love it.

That's it for now people, Love yourself and treat your body with respect, it deserves it.

PS. at the moment the only animal products I eat are honey, bee pollen and insects (unknowingly).