Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Stress, acid and Schizophrenia

I read somewhere that moving is one of the most stressful things that one can do in life...

how far up the list of stressful things it is, I am not really sure, however I bet you it's up there alongside: being in a circus cage with tigers and money worries like not being able to pay your bills etc.

Now stress builds up acid in the body and acidity in the body causes disease, so you want to keep stress at a minimum in your life. to keep your body alkaline is one of the big secrets to good health.

There are many keys to the door to perfect health, they are usually not spoken about, however I will start giving a few keys away every so often: Here is one major key aspect to good health, I already wrote about!

Good health is a pretty simple task really, however "Health" is big business and majority of things that are bad for your health are also big business, and big business usually gets their way... the fact that we allow aspartame to be consumed at all is just one very obvious example of this (big business having a negative impact on your life that is).

anyway, stress and moving was the thought that started this blog - I am moving - tomorrow, and I don't really know where, all I know is that on Friday the new tenant is moving in.
It is a pretty stressful thought, and it doesn't help that my rock, my fiancee and my princess is flying off to samba land tomorrow.

repacking for the 3rd time, maybe even 4th and have managed to give most of our worldly possessions away to friends... except a table and a whole lot of books and other curiosa that we are having shipped over the old fashion way, (American translation = by sea).

so how am I coping with the stress you ask, well I am sitting here and writing a blog, at night, so I think all things considered pretty well, that said allot to do, so maybe not so good.

Short interview with myself:

M -Do you feel overwhelmed?
M1 -oh yes I do, indeed.

M - what are you doing to cope with the stress?
M1 - well I am writing a blog, which is turning out rather schizophrenic, thank you. I am also keeping it calm, and thinking that there is always tomorrow to finish up. as long as P manages to get her stuff sorted and bundled on the plane I am happy, and can then tackle what is left.

M- so you started talking about how stress creates acidity in the body, what are you doing to prevent that?
M1 - well, I am rather healthy as it is, but I did buy a big head of green salad that I will make a smoothie of in the morning, you see, greens, are very good for alkalinity. and then there is the watermelons we have been eating during packing the last few days... there's allot of good diet choices involved... and I don't really eat much stuff that is acidic so I trust myself to tackle this stress attack of acidic build up, however that is just the physical side of things....

M - OK, so what are you doing to sort out the mental side?
M1 - well, for one I wrote this blog, and now I will get back in to it. if you have to do something, just do it. no point in waiting, I am a great procrastinator; but then I also know that this is just a belief and a thought that I have, and thoughts can be changed, so I will do it now. if you can do it later, don't. Do it now, do it now, do it now! I will feel all better for it when I am done.

M - well, I will not hold you here anymore then off you go, thank you.
M1 - no, thank you!

There we go folks - shows over for this time - I got things to do

Peace and love

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