Friday, 24 April 2009

We are all living in an illusion and a lie

I thought it was time to write a little something again.

This time lets have a look at society as we know it and how it is built up to keep us free humans enslaved in a system that quite frankly is not for our benefit.

And I can assure you, a society that most people don't understand, with words having different meanings; and then I don't talk about cock - who we all know can have different meanings: is it a male genetalia or is it a male bird? 
Something I am sure we all ask ourselves when we hear aforementioned word. 

No I am talking about something very much more sinister..... an age old scam to keep you sucking from the sour teat of enslavement.

We will do this not by my writing but to take 30 minutes out of your (I am sure) very busy lives... and watch this here talk by John Harris.
Don't be a person. be free as nature intended.

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  1. Hey there, Mr. Blogger!
    I've seen John Harris's video and thought was quite an interesting one! Lots of interesting concepts.

    Lots of love and keep blogging!