Saturday, 30 April 2011

You are not NORMAL

Normal changes both with time, culture and customs.
What normal then is, is always relative.

Are you normal?

Normal as an adjective, here are the first three definitions from Collins English Dictionary:

1. usual; regular; common; typical the normal way of
                doing it the normal level
              2. constituting a standard if we take this as normal
              3. (Psychology) Psychol
               a. being within certain limits of intelligence,
                   educational success or ability, etc.
               b. conforming to the conventions of one's group

I am not Normal!

I don't quite remember when I realized that I wasn't normal, however it must of happened quite early on in my journey as a human being.

Sure, I've tried to be normal many-times, all with varied success.

Using the definitions of normal above; I can honestly say that the less normal I am the better I feel. The more fun I have, the more I experience and the more I achieve.

Many strive to be normal, to be accepted, not to stick out, or to create ripples.

But here is the thing, YOU are not normal. you ARE unique, and that is what makes you so very SPECIAL.
Life is all about creating ripples, life is not about being accepted, but about accepting yourself.

Accepting all of you - flaws, successes, losses, background, situation, mind - you get the drift - all of it, accept it, then LOVE IT!

You are a creation of pure bliss, let it drive your life.

Much Love

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