Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Sun is shining

The sky is blue and the sun is bright and here I am inside looking out, when I should be outside looking in, and more importantly stocking up on my vitamin D supply, after the lack of daylight hours in the past winter months.

It’s a funny one Vitamin D.

You make it yourself you see... the sun (ultra violet rays) hits your skin and triggers a vitamin D synthesis, then before the body can use the vitamin it has to go through two hydroxylations, the first in the liver to create calcidiol, and the second (mostly) in the kidney to make it in to what our body can use: calcitriol

Awesome stuff really!

Calcitriol is what you call a regulator of calcium absorption. So in essence you need to get sun to build/maintain strong healthy bones.

With that new knowledge or reminder of an old knowledge perhaps, go out in the sun take off your shirt, pull up your pants, reveal as much skin as you can, and stock up on that ever vital vitamin D.

So off to the park I am.

Keep shining!

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