Monday, 24 August 2009

Music and Now Revolution

Because that's what friends do isn't it.

the world on higher downs

Turn your speakers up and listen, rather nice I think.

keep believing, and keep preparing for the revolution. it will not be televised, and it will not be reported on by anyone but you. The revolution is already here, so wake up, start seeing the present, give thanks to the moment, you don't have to like what you see, but you have to see it for what it is, reality, and reality in itself is beautiful. Now is the only moment that matters, if you are not present Now, it will have past, so don't spend the Now thinking about the past or the what ifs of the future. think of the now, act on the now, and do the best of the now, now. Every thing you think of and do becomes your future, what you do now, will have an impact on your future, and the now is constantly changing as is the past and future. impact your future by being in the now with positive thoughts and positive actions, now creates your future, what you are thinking right now will create how you will respond, look or think about something in the future, or in the new now. try to catch your negative actions and thoughts when they come in the now. stop yourself when you are thinking of the what ifs from the past, think of the now. Think of the wonder that you are creating every moment of every second: your life. a truly glorious gift, make the most of it, and remember that you, your mind, your body and your spirit is free, and belongs to no man, woman, organization or government. you are born free, and it is your right to remain free. look around you and see what encroaches on your personal freedom and question it. you are free, and now is the moment to be free.

For the Revolution!

For the Now!

For Love

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  1. your inspiring...have an awesome new year. xo