Monday, 3 January 2011


My mornings are started with the drinking of around a litre of water upon wakening... a big glass before I leave the bed, and then I fill the glass and drink it again, during the waking process... I go to the bathroom and I empty, making my day start with a nicely clean and empty intestine each day...

I eat a raw vegetarian diet, rich in fibres and water.
I avoid eating 2 hours before I go to bed, and I avoid eating late at nights, so that my body can have time to do both the digestive process and general body maintenance while I sleep.

After I have been to the toilet, and I have finished my water, I flush my teeth with olive oil (cold pressed).
I flush and chew a table spoon of oil for 3-4 minutes, this helps my body to release toxins from the blood stream, through my mouth. I spit, then rinse with mineral salt and water, or bicarbonate soda and water; then I repeat the process. This is called oil pulling.

After this I brush my tongue a bit, and my teeth, then it is time for food. Depending on how much time I have available I either have a fruit to start me off, or I go for a green smoothie right away.

Today will be some melon, with a green smoothie following after about 30 - 45 minutes.

I always start my day with a green smoothie, which is a mixture of any dark leafy green, fruit (I usually use banana) and water, it's delicious and it sets me off for the best start of the day ever, full of energy and health.

- The water helps hydrate me and helps flush my kidney and liver in the morning.

- The oil helps me have whiter and cleaner teeth, a less toxic body and better health.

- The green smoothie helps me get a good helping of healthy greens in my stomach when my digestive fires are high, which sets for good assimilation and good energy to last.

habits create results, if you have good habits you will get good results!

Much love!

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