The Revolution

The Revolution is happening right now
be a part of it

The Revolution starts with the individual 
                                   - the individual is you

We live in a dependent society
and we are dependent on so much

                        but society is dependent on participation
                        and as you participate you co-create
                            - how do you participate? 

the revolution starts with the individual

What we collectively believe is what we get
                       thoughts create actions
                       actions create reactions
                       reactions create the experience      

                        the revolution starts IN the individual
                                                 meet the individual
                                                 the individual is you
- and the Revolution?

the revolution is Love

an all-encompassing love for the individual
 - the individual which is you                      

The revolution is love towards what you desire
not fear, anger and hate towards what you don't desire

The revolution is to lead
to live your desire

The revolution is to laugh
to be grateful
to embrace

The revolution is everywhere, and at all times.

The revolution is in where you spend your money
The revolution is in how you spend your time
The revolution is in what you say
The revolution is in what you think
the revolution is in what you choose to see

The revolution is love
The revolution is compassion

The revolution starts with love from the individual
                                         - the individual which is you

The Revolution in action, is to stop participating in things that aren't love, on a mass scale, civil-disobedience might very much be needed, but the people, always rule. - The Revolution is to be free!

Let us strive for Libertarian Anarchism