Sunday, 21 June 2009

the 27 leaders of the EU - that you did NOT vote for

If you live inside the European Union borders you don't elect the people who rule you, you don't elect the people who fashion your laws, you don't have the final say in what you can eat and drink, how much money you will be paying in taxes, and what you can do for a living. they are in control of your liberty. and no, they are not elected. The 27 unelected leaders of you! and I quote:

"The European Commission is responsible for drawing up legislation that impacts daily on the lives of almost half a billion Europeans, as well as enforcing the measures already in place.
Its president -- who like the commissioners is appointed rather than elected -- has significant leverage to influence legislative priorities. The institution will have a budget of 138 billion euros in 2010."
These are the people who gain from a EU state not you. These are people you have not elected!
we have to stop the Lisbon treaty before we loose the little freedom we have left, as it will give even more of the control over to the unelected few and away from us, the people.
If you didn't vote for it it's not democratic, and if you didn't vote for the 27 scumbags in the top, why are they deciding how your future will look like?
why are they deciding what you can and cannot do?
why are you paying for them, why are you giving them a pension scheme?
why are you giving them money to spend? (a budget of 138 billion euros in 2010)
There is only one way this will go and that is to take to the streets, to the computers, to the emails, to the pen and papers, and the letterboxes, to the megaphones and telephones, to the walls and notice boards - spread it far and wide and make people wake up from the daze, shut down your TV and question what you are reading - a revolution is coming my friends, or it has to come - the little freedom you have left will be gone, left in the hands of the few - lets show what democracy is all about, somehow along the way it seems that it got confused with dictatorship!

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