Thursday, 7 May 2009

EU, cows, hormones and you!

1988 the EU banned US beef on the grounds that US beef producers made use of growth-promoting hormones that are unapproved in the EU.
The World Trade Organization, the global trade watchdog, ruled 11 years ago that the ban was inconsistent with WTO rules.
WTO stands for: Free Trade – not fair trade, not trade to protect the consumer. Free trade indicates that you are allowed to sell your product anywhere in the world, and if a country decides not to import something, due to it being harmful, or any other reason, they will get penalized (read fined) by the WTO. - or to explain US get to penalize european products etc.
So the EU has been paying money not to import dangerous meat... but now they seem to have grown tired of this, and just decided to accept the hormone fuelled meat. I would say the real reason is that EU no longer looks after the citizens of Europe’s interest. Beef from the states is now accepted.
So on that note, if you do eat meat, look on the label, to stay protected!
Actually, if you do eat meat, you should really only go for organic meat, as you can then be almost certain that this animal has not been fed; GM soy and crops, or worse, dead animals. Ohh yeah, dead animals are great to add to animal feed as the cows fatten up so nicely....
it makes them sick, sure, but there is always antibiotics and other drugs you can pump your animal full with to prevent it from becoming too sick... mind you, all drugs and foods stays in the meat of the animal, so when you eat it, you get it in to your own body....
so to put it in a saying I am sure no one really puts much attention to but we have all heard:
You are what you eat!
So if you eat hormone fuelled meat, you will get some serious hormone imbalances, which in the long and short term will put your health at risk, be it your thyroid, your weight gain, or lack of weight loss, poor sleep, allergy symptoms, low sex drive, depression, aggression, headaches, adult acne, hair loss, well, you name it.... all due to your imbalanced hormones
Your hormones are the regulators of every function in your body... yes that’s right, EVERY function of your body!
A hormone imbalance stems from a poor diet and an unhealthy life style... or medical drugs, cigarettes, lack of exercise etc. but I guess that all really fall under the unhealthy life style column.
Don’t trust the powers to be, because you did not put them there!


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