Friday, 19 June 2009

You voted for the European elections or you didn't.

Either way, good for you!

Reasons you might have voted:

- you believe your 1 vote can make a difference.

- you honestly believe that the MEP you voted for will actually be able to make a difference (give me one example of a MEP who managed to get a piece of legislation through - I bet you will not find one)

- you like the feeling of voting, granted, it is a rather exciting procedure that we don't get to do very often. Media builds it up as very important so it must be, right?

- you don't want to tell your friends that you didn't vote, as you will be looked upon as lazy or non caring. We all know how important it is what other people think of us, don't we?
ohh please like me!

- you think that you live in a democratic society and therefore you feel that your owe it to all those unlucky people that don't have the right to.

- or maybe you are a politician, then you should know it is all a big game, but you have to vote, as if you don't the press will have a field day if they find out that you didn't. It is also your livelihood we are talking about, so it pays off to have people believe that the "democratic process" we have, is just that; democratic.

- you like to win, and you voted for a "safe horse" so you can rejoice and say, yes we made it, my vote counted... this is the only time your vote will "count" if you vote for the obvious winner, but that isn't really democracy that is just following media and the "spin doctors", which is what you are expected to do in the first place. Good for you, being so individual and all, you most likely believe in all the crap they are feeding you.... mmm crap, can I have some more please

- you think that the person you vote for will keep all their promises, which I am sorry to break it for you, will not happen.

Reasons you might not have voted:

- you are ignorant and don't even know there was an election on.

- you watch big brother (pop idol, X-factor etc.), and that is all the voting you do, this way you can vote every week during the on season, life is sweet as long as you have your TV.

- you chose not to as you don't have any good options to vote for, as far as you are concerned they are all a bunch of crooks, who is in if for their own gain and not yours.

- you are a mathematician and have done the numbers: voting is futile. It would be a mathematical miracle if your vote actually decided the result of an election.

- you are making a political statement by not voting, as you don't think it will matter if you do or not. (however if you ask me, not doing anything is not much of a statement)

- you feel that it is against your human rights: every human being has the right not to be ruled in any slight degree by somebody else; or in other words, no human has any right to rule another.

- you don't see the point in taking time out for voting - you are preparing yourself for the revolution to come, this is when you will show what real democracy is all about. (and for that I salute you - very admirable stance)


Now if voting would matter EU would not be around, or an EU parliament - Majority rule is what they call democracy, if that is the case they should realize that we have seen through the lies, it was a voter turn out of 43.08% in the European election, that means that more than half has completely stopped believing in the "democratic process" that we have in Europe, and with all right. Majority rule has spoken clearly, we do not want to be governed, we do not want you to make rules for us, we want to be left alone and free!


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