Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wake up and Thrive! - the power is always with you!

Dear You,

If you have walked the road of my blog journey you might know that I have some serious issues with how society is structured; everything from Energy, the Economy, the Governments, our Educational system, the Medical system, The Farming system all the way to what we Eat, and more....
My issue with the above has come over time due to mine and others research
                                                         - and the application of critical thinking.

It is time for ACTION - we can all do something.

My positions stem from a immense love of life, liberty, nature and my fellow beings on this here planet; and it has profoundly changed the way I live my life, to the better!

I am driven by love:

- This is why I eat food that only does good for my health and inflicts no suffering on other sentient beings or our nature.

- This is why I think positive and loving thoughts, - and this is why I don't watch mainstream media outlets as I want to keep my mind free from  distractions, the control and fear that is constantly being transmitted.

- This is why I don't work a 40 hour week or will put my children in the hands of the state. I value my time, and I use all of it for me, even the time I do work.

- This is why I am working towards self-sufficiency.

- This is why I spend my money on local products made by individuals or small individual companies.

- This is why I attend mass demonstrations and share information with people not in the know (or people still not willing to wake up).

- This is why my approach is non-violence.

- This is why I am living a life that is being wholly true to myself, and I enjoy it fully!



On that note, I would like you to watch this film; THRIVE! It is well made and researched and can be the most important film you will ever see... and if not for you, think about your children and people that you hold dear.

It really is time for EVERYONE to become an activist. an activist for a better situation and a better life for ALL!.


You really are making yourself a favour if you take the time to watch this film, and not only for yourself, but for everyone living on this planet.... It is important to remember that if you have the ability to see this film, you are privileged - Please use that privilege for everyone!

For the REVOLUTION, which is already upon us, be in peace and in love.

It's all good!

Much Love!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

10 000+

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased that my blog has reached 10 000 views, it feels like some sort of mark in my blog carrier, a carrier that I have to say, I take very loosely - as you might notice on the frequency of my writing...

I am truly a verbal person, as in, that is the way I prefer to present ideas, thoughts and information:
-` by speaking about it.`

That said I do highly enjoy the writing part, anyway. to celebrate i will share this here clip with you, which is according to me both funny and very to the point.


Keep coming back for more my lovelies!

Much love,