Saturday, 25 April 2009

how do I get my blog out there?

I have now, as you can see, started a blog. It was one of those spur of the moments flashes of just do it - so I did it right there and then before both the flash and the spur of the moment disappeared.

I just now signed up to the google webmaster tools, which they say will help my page show up on search results etc.

But how else do I get my blog out there?
are there forums where you can post your blog to interested blog readers somewhere, or is it just to keep on writing blog after blog, and hope that someone actually reads them and sooner or later through word and mouth (or more likely email or IM) I will have a small group of readers...

That's naturally assuming that the people reading it in the first place actually like what they are reading, making them bothered enough to come back, and more so recommend it to someone else. I do however think we should go with that assumption, the option that no one likes my writing simply isn't an attractive enough option to contemplate.

granted I guess writing is a rather selfish meditation, like all arts, but where is the fun in writing a blog if no one reads it... then you might as well write a diary. or alternatively letters to random people in your address book.

did you just notice how I in the sentence above referred to my own writing as art. although I would argue that it is, in a way. If you think about it all forms of expressing oneself through a special medium can be considered art. But maybe I am pushing it by comparing my off the cuff writing to art.

It all depends I guess, I am not writing only for myself, I am writing because I want to get a message or many messages out there. I am writing because I am concerned or desperately want to make people aware of things that they will not read in the news papers, or see on the TV. I am writing because I feel I have to do something, and not just sit by and look as we are all getting blindfolded, ball gagged, and slapped.

So I guess it is a selfish thing... I am doing it so that I can feel like I did, am doing and have done something - and I realize that in the written form I will probably seem slightly less intense. apparently I can come across forceful when I discuss certain issues in the flesh, it is somehow easier to get hijacked by your emotions when you are talking about something that you feel passionately about then when you are writing.... and you can not go back and change what you just have said, but I can always reread what I have just written, and by doing so, remove or fix anything that is a bit over the top, or just plain boring.... but then how do you assess what is boring?

so many questions, no political activism in this post just a question to whoever happens to read this: how do I get my blog out there?

Thank you!

Friday, 24 April 2009

We are all living in an illusion and a lie

I thought it was time to write a little something again.

This time lets have a look at society as we know it and how it is built up to keep us free humans enslaved in a system that quite frankly is not for our benefit.

And I can assure you, a society that most people don't understand, with words having different meanings; and then I don't talk about cock - who we all know can have different meanings: is it a male genetalia or is it a male bird? 
Something I am sure we all ask ourselves when we hear aforementioned word. 

No I am talking about something very much more sinister..... an age old scam to keep you sucking from the sour teat of enslavement.

We will do this not by my writing but to take 30 minutes out of your (I am sure) very busy lives... and watch this here talk by John Harris.
Don't be a person. be free as nature intended.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

How to save the earth

I guess the earth is technically OK in the long run, but we aren't, nor are a whole lot of animal and plant-species.

so the question should be: how do we save mankind(or to be PC the human race), along with nature as we know it?
the good thing is that there are many different ways to do this, but the important thing is that we should always start with ourself.

it is through our concious choices and actions that positive change will come.

the only positive change we can do to others and to the earth is to start with positive changes in ourselves. positive changes in your everyday actions, positive changes in how you relate to others, and on a more material note positive changes in how and what you spend your money on.

the same goes to what we see and read: you can chose what you read, and what you take in. keep it on a positive note rather then reading about the daily petty violence, child molesters, Celebrity divorces, tragic murder cases and abductions. stuff that in the true sence of what is news worthy, really doesn't qualify.
It doesn't improve your life, it doesn't fulfil you, it doesn't give you information on which you can make informed decisions or improve your health, life or society. it doesn't prepare you for anything, and lastly it doesn't make you feel better about yourself.

so be the change you want to see, and unhinge yourself from the claws of the sex and fear based media machines, and believe me, they are working overtime to keep you distracted.

now for the answer to the question above, courtesy of Basic Instructions:

with uppermost love

The Sun is shining

The sky is blue and the sun is bright and here I am inside looking out, when I should be outside looking in, and more importantly stocking up on my vitamin D supply, after the lack of daylight hours in the past winter months.

It’s a funny one Vitamin D.

You make it yourself you see... the sun (ultra violet rays) hits your skin and triggers a vitamin D synthesis, then before the body can use the vitamin it has to go through two hydroxylations, the first in the liver to create calcidiol, and the second (mostly) in the kidney to make it in to what our body can use: calcitriol

Awesome stuff really!

Calcitriol is what you call a regulator of calcium absorption. So in essence you need to get sun to build/maintain strong healthy bones.

With that new knowledge or reminder of an old knowledge perhaps, go out in the sun take off your shirt, pull up your pants, reveal as much skin as you can, and stock up on that ever vital vitamin D.

So off to the park I am.

Keep shining!


I have long been thinking the thought about starting a blog, and to make a very long story short (I have been considering it for a few years, in various forms, at one point I was set to start doing pod casts, but alas, I didn't), I have now started.

and I hope that I will abide to the rules as stated here:, and that I will have a long and pleasant run with the lovely people at google. I do hope they will not let their near search engine monopoly go to their heads or perhaps the mainframes.

so why do I want to start writing a blog, is it an act of narcissism.....?


But it has more to do with the following fun pressing issues:

Love – Humour – Knowledge – Randomness – Music – Food

- Peace - Health – Wellbeing – and maybe the weather

And the less fun pressing issues of:

Codex Alimentarius - Corporate Control - Corruption

- Infringement on our rights -

EU – the Lisbon treaty and much, much more. -

WTO - World Bank - The Police State -Pharmaceutical companies -

WAR - additives - Wall building - Injustice - and perhaps religion at times

And I am sure I will brush on a whole load of other exciting issues. But let’s get this show started, we’ll kick it all of with a shout out (write out) to you, the reader!

Hey, how you doing? Thanks for reading!

Do please come back for a regular dose of my ramblings. I have a lot to share with you.... i.e. just the thought that a group under UN is working actively to try to practically erode Organic Farming and force GM food on to us, makes me..... well it makes me....

Really angry!

When I think about it that is, and that’s the thing you have to go back and read what I just wrote, think about it for a while and what it actually means, and then..... realize how crazy it is, they want to “remove” organic farming, force unlabeled GM food on to us (grains, in bread, cakes, ready meals, you name it), all your vegetables and fruit will be sprayed, with pesticides and herbicides, many many many are allowed and with high allowances for the poison and many with highly proven medical side effects. They want to give every cow a shot of bovine growth hormone and various other drugs and food...

Now that’s crazy isn’t it? the same “group” Codex Alimentarius is going to ban vitamins, with the excuse that they are protecting the consumer so that they will not overdose on too strong vitamin pills.... now I don’t take many vitamins, but I do know a bit about the body and nutrition and what is needed, and to have available the option to “self medicate” yourself with herbs, vitamins and superfoods (like goji berries etc.), or to make up for the lack of vital vitamins minerals etc, should be everyone’s basic right.

Now I am not saying they will manage with all of their initiatives and I hope they will fail with all, but the fact is that they have already managed with quite a few things, and if you look out you will soon start to notice.

I am also saying we need to do something about it!

So write your MP, your representative, go to the health ministry do what ever it takes to inform “the powers to be” that YOU do not stand for it.

More information can be found by naturally “googling” Codex Alimentarius and doing your own research, something I will always invite you to do, get informed.

Then there is naturally the website: who is currently our loudest voice and maybe currently also our biggest hope.

Ok I think it’s time I round this up, but let’s all go out there and tell a minimum of three people about Codex Alimentarius. That way we can all say that we did something to stop it!

Until next time, keep on smiling and the world will smile back