Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pigs can fly

so swine flu is the new threat to mankind, or so the media is telling us. But even the mainstream media is giving us some clues on how ridiculous this threat is. The Death rate I was reading in the Metro is 2%, which in statistical context is not high at all. Western medicine frequently allows, approves and uses medical drugs and treatment with a death rate higher than this 2%, but no one ever talks about a medical pandemic.
Why oh why I ask?
Now with trying to answer that previous question myself (“the why oh, why” question”): Western medicine with their stethoscopes, blood samples and sophisticated machines naturally has the answer for everything. It’s the ever important parental figure that you can turn to in your time of need to look after you....
And in times of swine flu, they will bring out the, oh so wonderful vaccine, a needle with a magic substance that will protect you. That’s great, how lucky we are to have these wonderful companies working for our health.
So we are reading numbers of up to 120 million may die if a pandemic breaks loose. Now are you scared yet, do you want that vaccine to protect yourself because it would suck if you were one of those 120 million, wouldn’t it? So anyhow if my maths is correct (please tell me if it isn’t) that means that they are counting on 6 000 000 000 people to get infected with the swine flu... a rather big even and random number if you ask me... or maybe that is just how many they are planning to inject...
120 million - how is that for a scare?
Please save us governments and pharmaceutical companies you know what is best for us...
and now pause...
take a look at the countries around the world and tell yourself how many countries can you honestly say has a trustworthy and all through ethical government... and please don’t say any EU country, as all Presidents, Prime ministers and foreign secretaries has signed the Lisbon treaty, in effect handing over their sovereign countries (e.g Sweden) to the hands of central European government. A senator in Missouri (or any other US State) has more legislative right then the Swedish (pick your EU nation of choice) government.
What if you get the swine flu while sitting on a train somewhere just minding your own business reading the daily news paper - you come home cough a bit, and give it to your family and loved ones - and then they shake hand with someone and then that person has it - oh it spreads so easily, what are we going to do!!!
So, are you scared yet?
Good, that is the state you should be in – because then you will happily take anything the psychologically important father figure (the doctor) will give you. Western medicine will save us all with their “100 year history of saving people”.... during this history there has been so many medicinal cock-up’s that I can’t even be asked to write it here.... but Google swine flu 1976 for a little update on what happened last time swine flu was on the news.
Don’t get me wrong, if I have a car crash and I need to be put back together again I would like to have the best western medicine has to offer. But when it comes to preventing a disease, I would like them to get out of my way.
How does it work?
Pharmaceutical companies make drugs to sell to sick people, not to healthy people. Doctors make money by treating sick people not by treating healthy people; many doctors also get rewarded on a prescription, and examination basis directly from pharmaceutical companies and their allies. Research is paid for mostly by large pharmaceutical companies wanting to make money.
That’s good we can trust the research!
Now to find out that a drug has adverse effects doesn’t make money. However to put them down as side effects (if we’re lucky) and sell the drug anyway does make money, it also keeps people sick.
remember the side effects? They will have something for you to take to sort that out too, don’t you worry, the Doctor will look after you.
There are examples over and over again of researchers that flag drugs, foods, and chemicals etc. as dangerous (with very good scientific reason). They gets shunned i.e. never gets money to research anything again ever. I assume that just like doctors and pharmaceutical companies, researchers’ wants to keep working so that they can receive that sweet, sweet money we are all working so hard to have...
So who will make money of the resent outbreak of swine flu?
Not sure yet, but I do know this:
Donald Rumsfeld made around $5 million dollars due to his shares in the pharmaceutical company who sold the governments of the world the bird flu vaccine. Remember bird flu or Tamiflu as they called it, it was going to wipe us all out, and lord oh lord were we scared. The financial year before bird flu hit the media the company projected that they would make massive profits the coming year, even though the financial year just finished they didn’t make much profits at all... what did they know that we didn’t?
The Company in question is Gilead Sciences – Donald Rumsfeld used to be on the board of directors before taking office under the Bush administration.

"The rumours of bird flu are being spread by an American company owned by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, to boost U.S. sales of costly medicines."
--Dr. Saeed, President of Pakistan's Poultry Doctors Association`
I don’t want to think and write about the scary implications that might be put in motion due to all this: forced vaccinations, quarantines, the blockade of travel etc.
I really only have one thing to say about this whole swine flu drama;
Don’t believe the hype!

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