Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday shopping list

To complete the week: To give you an idea of what we eat, today we bought:

6 Small Watermelons - 6 Apples - 60 small Kaki/Persimmons - 2 Pineapples - 6 red Bell-peppers - Two Couves/Kale - Grapes 750g - 2 different kind of Green Leafs - and 1 red Cabbage

We have plenty of greens in the garden still. and we drink sugar cane juice perhaps 2 - 3 times a week.

This way we have a lot of choice of healthy food to eat - and we vary what we get. Every so often we go and stock up on seeds nuts and some dried fruits, but we don't eat too much of that, and when we do, it is either soaked or sprouted.

Much love

You are not NORMAL

Normal changes both with time, culture and customs.
What normal then is, is always relative.

Are you normal?

Normal as an adjective, here are the first three definitions from Collins English Dictionary:

1. usual; regular; common; typical the normal way of
                doing it the normal level
              2. constituting a standard if we take this as normal
              3. (Psychology) Psychol
               a. being within certain limits of intelligence,
                   educational success or ability, etc.
               b. conforming to the conventions of one's group

I am not Normal!

I don't quite remember when I realized that I wasn't normal, however it must of happened quite early on in my journey as a human being.

Sure, I've tried to be normal many-times, all with varied success.

Using the definitions of normal above; I can honestly say that the less normal I am the better I feel. The more fun I have, the more I experience and the more I achieve.

Many strive to be normal, to be accepted, not to stick out, or to create ripples.

But here is the thing, YOU are not normal. you ARE unique, and that is what makes you so very SPECIAL.
Life is all about creating ripples, life is not about being accepted, but about accepting yourself.

Accepting all of you - flaws, successes, losses, background, situation, mind - you get the drift - all of it, accept it, then LOVE IT!

You are a creation of pure bliss, let it drive your life.

Much Love

Thursday, 28 April 2011

cute cats - a shopping list - random music - links - sophisticated food - and a pinch of randomness


I thought I'd write you a little something

When I sit by the computer and work, I like to listen to random music, and one of my favourite places to do so is 8track where you can listen to peoples `mixed tapes`.

Press play and have a listen for the rest of the read.

I never thought I would post a picture of a cat on internet, and even less so here on my own personal blog. But here I am, embedding a mix with a bloody cat looking all comfortable,  fluffy and cute.


Today was Wednesday which is great as that means P and I go to the market and buy our food. We go twice a week, Saturdays and Wednesdays to keep us stocked up with nice fresh greens and fruits..

Today we bought> 20 green coconuts - box of bananas (probably 60-80 bananas) - 3 pineapples - 4 kg of tomatoes - 4 large avocados - box of kakis/persimmon, (12 big ones) - 16 figs - big bunch of coriander -  big bunch of dandelion leafs - and 2 massive passion fruits

We have plenty of greens in the garden so we don`t really need to buy greens, but it is nice to get something grown in a different soil.

P got some potatoes and mandioca (a root) to make gnocci for her father who is 78 tomorrow - This is also why we got so many tomatoes as I promised to do one of my famous tomato sauces... which I haven't done for about 2 years as it is cooked. I will definitely try some since P spent probably 4 hours making the gnocci (potato pasta).  To give P some company in the kitchen I created some awesome raw chocolates for her dads birthday, he loves our chocolates.

I don't use recipes and I seldom write down my own creations, but do I record them in my mind - where they usually stay.

P has however started a site in Portuguese and in English, where she is, and will share some of my recipes with you. Alongside health and nutritional information, inspiration and well-being. Naturally she has to get into the habit of writing for it, and also get me to sit down and write the ingredients list for the dishes that she chooses. To visit click the link: Comida Do Sol

Creating food that is tasty, gourmet and healthy is not only a good idea, it shows intelligence and sophistication, as well as being highly rewarding to both mind and body.

When you have friends over for dinner, or make something nice for the family, introduce something delicious and healthy. there are tons of recipes of healthy mouthwatering raw food on the internet, so it really is just to take a pick, and tweak after your own taste-buds.
I.e. This cake here sounds fantastic, try it out, I bet you will be knocked off your socks. Love Raw is an expert on desserts that are good for you and taste good, now that is cool...
I would substitute the agave for either honey or some other raw sweetener but that is the great thing with preparing things yourself, you can tweak it to your preference. to get the cake recipe go here: Love Raw

Raw desserts are not about maximum health, they are not even about raw food, they are about eating something delicious - and we all like to eat delicious food.

Check back on Saturday and I will let you know what we bought, that way you get an idea of what we eat in a week.

Much Love,

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Music - the discovery of a new band

Hello my lovelies.

One of many things that makes me excited and animated is music.

What makes me even more excited is discovering new music that I like. since that mean I all of a sudden have more new music to explore, which is great.

Anyway without further ado: The Head and the Heart

Thank you to Kristoffer who made the introduction.

Much Love

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Interesting - The Mind and the Universe

It is key to know and understand your mind. How your reality is created and how your actions and reactions work, how you defend your own unconscious behaviour and how your belief system locks you inside a box.

This film is great, it is actually two films; the first one is about your mind and the second about quantum physics..
I am posting it mainly for the first film, however the second is interesting too.

oh, and thanks to Sarah for showing this to me.

Much Love

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Music - The Linedance Fever

Allow me to proudly present

The Linedance Fever

Country-western interpretations at its very best from the northern parts of Europe.

To listen click on the picture or here

Much Love

Sunday, 10 April 2011

This is a no brainer - time to act!

This is an urgent message please take the time to hear it, then sign the petition:

 For more information about Alliance for natural health go to their website:

People can lose their freedoms in matter of seconds and not come to miss them for decades

Apathy is not an option, only action is!

Stand up for what is right!

Much love.

Inspiration - Osho

Last  night P and I went to a `Tao temple` where we listened to a very good talk on
intention - character - destiny
it was delivered by a Taiwanese who has lived in Brazil for 10 years. There was some bowing involved before the talk started and we couldn't sit next to each-other, as men and women sat on either side, men to the right and women to the left, the bowing was also taking place separate, men first then women. I always find these sorts of habits funny and a bit strained, but you know as they say, while in Rome.

in short:
what you think, feel, talk and focus on in the now becomes your character, and your character creates your life.

Nothing he said was new to either of us. But it was the first time I have heard a Tao Buddhist speak on the topic, and it was very nice.  You cant really get enough of good reminders, so it was welcomed.

However the real reason we were there was to show a green smoothie recipe on a vegetarian cooking class held after the aforementioned presentation.

We did a very small introduction and showed a simple green smoothie and spoke about it. People showed allot of interest and  and wanted to know more. It was great fun ad-libbing in Portuguese in front of a crowd, I got rather pleased with my language skills.

anyhow, here is a clip:.

Osho is great, here he is talking about provocation, humour, contradictions, attachment and freedom.

Friday, 8 April 2011


Thursday, 7 April 2011

life in the sun without sunglasses

Life in the sun is awesome, and I live it completely without sunglasses.

One of the most important vitamins or nutrients if you like, is Vitamin D, and this we get for free from the sun, to read more about Vitamin D and the process go to this post: The Sun is shining

Vitamin D deficiency is sadly rife in today's unhealthy society... the longer from the Equator you live the longer you need the sun to grace your body, and the darker pigment you have the longer sun exposure you need.

Your body, being far more intelligent than you, takes care of the whole process for you, as long as you let it...

Windows, sunscreen, clothes, glasses, and sunglasses, ruins this process.

Your eyes and the skin around your eyes regulates your skins uptake and protection,  you could say that this area tells your body to protect the skin from strong sunlight, as well as regulates the Vitamin D uptake.

Wearing sunglasses messes with your body's natural sunprotection as well as with the absorption process.

Sunscreen is by itself usually a toxic product, the rule with putting things on your skin should be:
if you won't eat it, don't apply it
as your skin absorbs it straight into your body, it doesn't even get the chance to go through the kidney for a cleans... just straight in with the toxins in your organism.

To get information of your creams/perfumes/toothpastes/lip balms/shampoos/sun screens etc please visit: and find out just how toxic the products you are using are.

 Needless to say I don't use sunscreen.

Anyway, I start writing a blog about sunglasses and I end up giving you a link to see how toxic your "hygiene" products are.... so lets get back to the sunglasses...

I used to have these really sexy Gucci glasses, but P forgot them somewhere and that was the end of them... This was when we still lived in the UK, and before I had started learning about Vitamin D. Granted I wasn't impressed about having had my glasses lost, but after learning more, I came to terms with it, realizing it was for the better.

A great thing about not wearing shades is that you get used to not using protection from the sun. I was always very light sensitive, and walked around squinting every time it was a bit bright outside, but now, I can handle the brightest of days comfortably, both without hat and glasses...

So get your clothes off and get direct sunlight on your skin, and do it without wearing glasses. However avoid the sun when it is the strongest. The best time for taking sun is before 10 and after 4 or 11 and 3 depending where you live and what part of the year it is... but midday sun is always best avoided. good times for lounging in the shadows.

Shades off and enjoy the sun.

Much Love

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

is this a movie?

On a personal note, I had a lot of fun shooting this, I hadn't done any acting for a very long time, and well, now I want to do more.

The script, camera, sound, editing, well everything really by Alex Costa - so, Hats off to Alex.

Much Love

Sunday, 3 April 2011

What's the big deal with what you eat?

You are what you eat - a saying that you no doubt have heard. However, judging by how majority of people eat, I believe few people actually take in the reality of this statement.

You are what you eat - quite literally

Your body is constantly changing. Cells are dying, new ones are getting made in place of the old ones, fresh blood cells are being created, and much much more. Different cells/parts of your body regenerate with different frequency, everything from daily to yearly or more. But to give you a good idea of your body's regeneration, every 7 years you are a completely new make up of cells. Or to put it in another way; Today you are a completely new/different biological organism than you were 7 years ago.

Now here is a vital part; Your body creates its new cells from the minerals, vitamins, lipids, amino acids etc. that it receives from what you digest. Or to paraphrase once more; The compounds of what you digest becomes you!

This is pretty powerful information; You are constantly creating the new you, and play a direct role in the creation; You are the one who choose the building materials. You are the one who decides what your body will be made from.

You quite literally have the choice to degenerate by poor dietary choices or regenerating yourself by eating the best food ever.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Life without TV

A fated spring day in 2005 our TV stopped working.

P and I took it as a sign of sorts, and agreed on not buying another.

I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions taken in my life.

I never really spent much time thinking about the decisions I've taken in life and how they rank towards one and other, but now writing this, I can easily say that deciding to live without TV is among the top 10 best decisions, together with perhaps studying in the States, moving to London, changing my diet and moving to Brazil.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Life without TV

Living life without TV gave me a minimum of 3 hours extra per week, but to be more realistic an extra 8-10 hours or at times much more per week. And I say extra, because watching TV is dead time. It is time that you can spend doing things that is good for you, or give you something in return.

Time better spent improving your life; playing, learning, talking with friends and family, exercising, taking up a new hobby or just laying on the couch daydreaming etc.