Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Start question everything.

Been a bit docile of late when it comes to the writing of my blog....

I have however spent allot of time reading, doing research and moving to a new country, so I haven´t been inactive. Just tied up in what I perceive to be my reality.

Everything you learnt in school, university from press and TV, is not your knowledge, it is knowledge past down to you from someone else, this means that everything you know, or hold to be true, is not your knowledge but it is coming from somewhere.... how do you know you are not a part of a big lie?

How can you know that what you hold to be true is true?

Question everything!

What truly is truth, is a great question all by itself.

and here is my answer to the above question:

I would say, that truth is what you hold to be reality, and what your reality is for you will be your truth..... so with that logic, everything and nothing is true...

In religion and in politics, truth itself is usually the first casualty.

good questions to ask yourself:

What does someone (organizations, governments, business, etc) gain on me believing in X or trusting that Y is real.

Who is making money on X and Y.

Where does the information/knowledge for X and Y come from. where was it created, where can you read/see/hear about it.

Are there any opposing information/knowledge for X and Y.

When did X and Y become "truth".

Why would someone want me to think X and Y is true.

Does believing that X and Y is true limit me?

There is a war on Love and freedom - information is the greatest weapon you have to defend yourself against it. make your truth one that is helpful for life, freedom and love.

Anyway, it is time to speak up!!!

If you see the lies around you, it is not you who is mad, it's your surrounding.

Apathy is the greatest threat to the tr
uth, for our freedom and for love.

it's time to wake
up and not only smell the flowers, but also see the thorns.

The revolution is now, the revolution is love!