Tuesday, 5 May 2009

a needle with a magic substance

So vaccines then:
The logic with vaccines is to inject (or in some cases swallow or inhale) the virus, bacterium or toxin (usually weakened or dead) into your bloodstream and then anti bodies will form. Essentially your immune system will react to what was just injected as it is an attack on the body, and western medicine has then decided (without too much to back it up) that this is the way that you prepare the body for disease... now I don’t know, but that does sound like funny science to me. Something can make me sick, so let’s inject it, then my body will be prepared for more of that same bad stuff.... hmm, how about not injecting anything and if I happen to get the bacterium or virus or whatever in to my body my body can create the anti bodies there and then.... that is what the immune system is all about in the end of the day.

Many vaccines has mercury (the second most poisonous substance to humans, only plutonium in all its forms is worse). Yet mercury is what they use as a conservation substance in your vaccines and your children’s for that matter, Mercury in vaccines is one of the reasons for the rising autism levels in children ( heatedly denied by some, unfortunately experienced by others)..... now, not all vaccines have it, but make sure to ask who the manufacturer is and to see an ingredient list before you take and allow anyone to inject vaccines in you and/or your children.

If you do this, find out what the different things that you are planning on having injected are, and how they affect the body, don’t ask the doctor (they will most likely not know what’s in it anyway) then make your own decision. It is your body! Don’t make social conditioning, the government or anyone else decide for you.
Vaccine you see is big business. Big business is big money, and big money has through history always been weighing more than people. You see money talks, dead and sick people don’t.

Also don’t forget that any adverse effects from vaccines can easily be put down to something else by your good friend the doctor.

Vaccine is such big business that they have decided that the flu virus shot only lasts for one year, and you have to have a new one every year if you want to stay protected from it. Oh and that said, even if you get the shot you are not guaranteed protection as there are so many strains of the flu virus... funny how they manage to put all sorts of prevention in one little shot, but yet they cannot come up with a flu vaccine that protects you from all the common flu viruses... strange, and if you think about it....
Doesn’t it sound like a great money making scheme. I make a vaccine that is not guaranteed to protect you, but I still sell it to governments all around the world and they then inject their citizens... does it help, not really, they still get the flu or they don’t, but then the same would be true if they didn’t have the jab, some would get he flu and others wouldn’t...

Now I will make a bold claim, there is no such thing as the flu, or the flu virus. It is a cold, snotty nose, fever, bad throat and cough, symptoms we all know... that’s it. And a healthy body doesn’t get sick, as easy as that. And a vaccinated body is less healthy then one who hasn’t been injected with toxic elements.
There is only one worthy medicine and that is everything you eat. It will either boost you or break you down. Medicine will only break you down, although it might hide symptoms, and in some cases, kill bacteria
(both good and bad) and lessen viral outbreaks.

so I will finish with the words by a man who, by many, is given the title: the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates:

"let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" 460BC

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