Thursday, 7 April 2011

life in the sun without sunglasses

Life in the sun is awesome, and I live it completely without sunglasses.

One of the most important vitamins or nutrients if you like, is Vitamin D, and this we get for free from the sun, to read more about Vitamin D and the process go to this post: The Sun is shining

Vitamin D deficiency is sadly rife in today's unhealthy society... the longer from the Equator you live the longer you need the sun to grace your body, and the darker pigment you have the longer sun exposure you need.

Your body, being far more intelligent than you, takes care of the whole process for you, as long as you let it...

Windows, sunscreen, clothes, glasses, and sunglasses, ruins this process.

Your eyes and the skin around your eyes regulates your skins uptake and protection,  you could say that this area tells your body to protect the skin from strong sunlight, as well as regulates the Vitamin D uptake.

Wearing sunglasses messes with your body's natural sunprotection as well as with the absorption process.

Sunscreen is by itself usually a toxic product, the rule with putting things on your skin should be:
if you won't eat it, don't apply it
as your skin absorbs it straight into your body, it doesn't even get the chance to go through the kidney for a cleans... just straight in with the toxins in your organism.

To get information of your creams/perfumes/toothpastes/lip balms/shampoos/sun screens etc please visit: and find out just how toxic the products you are using are.

 Needless to say I don't use sunscreen.

Anyway, I start writing a blog about sunglasses and I end up giving you a link to see how toxic your "hygiene" products are.... so lets get back to the sunglasses...

I used to have these really sexy Gucci glasses, but P forgot them somewhere and that was the end of them... This was when we still lived in the UK, and before I had started learning about Vitamin D. Granted I wasn't impressed about having had my glasses lost, but after learning more, I came to terms with it, realizing it was for the better.

A great thing about not wearing shades is that you get used to not using protection from the sun. I was always very light sensitive, and walked around squinting every time it was a bit bright outside, but now, I can handle the brightest of days comfortably, both without hat and glasses...

So get your clothes off and get direct sunlight on your skin, and do it without wearing glasses. However avoid the sun when it is the strongest. The best time for taking sun is before 10 and after 4 or 11 and 3 depending where you live and what part of the year it is... but midday sun is always best avoided. good times for lounging in the shadows.

Shades off and enjoy the sun.

Much Love

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