Monday, 17 August 2009

no internet!

I have lounged in to homelessness, which has worked out rather well thanks to great friends who have helped me out with a studio flat a camper van and a room. This has me humbled and very grateful towards them...

However I haven't had Internet on tap, something I am used to and has had the last 7 years or so. and with no laptop ( I only have a desktop which is not connected) doing your normal writing and work is rather hard.

As such I have read a lot of books, and spent allot of time doing nothing (meditating), or picking up the guitar, with the effort to master it...

I have also had time to squeeze in two Festivals, the Glade and the Big Chill, both was a great experience and I had many waken hours, took in some great music, and had a glorious time... due to this I have spent approx 10 days of my homelessness spell in a tent.

Side note: Wobbly Squadron at Glade and British Sea Power, Bonobo, Gong and Black Sand at Big Chill, sonic landscapes and musical art at it's very best!

It is refreshing with no internet, at the same time, very difficult to do what I want to do, prepare for my new life in the new world...

I will purchase myself a laptop soon, and that should get me on the track towards regular writing, and research.

The time is ticking down, and it is time for me to publish before I leave this rather unharmonious internet cafe for some mundane house tasks.

Remember that you are unique just like everybody else!

with Love!

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