Wednesday, 12 January 2011

quick green smoothie!

Sitting drinking a green smoothie!

what is that?

a smoothie, which is green.

any dark leafy green of your choice, water and fruit of your choice.
Banana, peach, apple, pear... well you get the drift.

at the moment I am drinking a smoothie made from
Couve (like kale) (16 - 20 big leaves)
pint of water
4 small bananas
one avocado
juice from a small lime...

Blend all ingredients - except avocado which you blend in just in the end.

it isn't one for the beginners as it is tasting very green... however just put more bananas in there and maybe a bit less green and you will love it... The avo makes it nice thick and creamy.

Start your day with a green smoothie, and you will notice an improvment, no matter what dietary habits you follow...

oh and you make it in under 5 minutes, fast, simple and oh so yummy...

much love


  1. Sounds awesome dear cousin! What kind of leafy green would you suggest for us trapped in snow this time of year? Any kind of lettuce? I'm a sucker for smoothies :)

  2. Fennel, Celery, spinach, Kale, not much in season when the ground is covered in snow I suppose... but basically any green will do...

    but think the darker the better... and don't bother with the icebergs lettuce.

  3. Wouldn't dream of it! but fennel or celery sounds delicious!