Thursday, 20 January 2011

why not? Innit!

Posted this on a Swedish Raw food community website I very recently joined, and thought I would share it with you, don't know why I was writing in English in a Swedish community and on a Swedish site, but since I did, and it's worth reading. I thought, lets repost it here.
Posted a talk by Jane Goodall on my blog you might be interested to see it. About 30 minutes long.

She doesn't talk to much about diet but it might interest you that:

bonobos (dwarf chimps), the closest DNA link to humans, prefers, over all other foods, figs. Fresh figs... oh and figs being very sweet and delicious would probably have maggots and insects in them.

the once who eat meat (rarely), not all of them do you see, are the once who are more aggressive.

my conclusion


I also heard or read somewhere (don't remember where - maybe Gabriel Cousens but really don't know) that the word/act of war means stealer of cattle. and was first used when the humans started the farming of cattle. it steams from India... which if true gives you the idea that maybe before humans started "farming animals" there was no wars, as such...

anyway, it might once more conclude


anyway, I wasn't suppose to post a blog about meat being aggressive, just say how awesome Chimps thought Figs were... and then I got carried away...

the blog if you want to see is here:

and I will say that O-mega 3's has been showed to make people less aggressive. according to some English study on English council estate geezers, innit!

much love

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