Sunday, 2 January 2011

Best food ever!

first post of 2011.

it will be about food.

over the last 5-6 years I have gradually and comfortably changed my diet from:

"a normal cooked omnivore diet"
- to
"an organic cooked omnivore diet"
- to
"an organic and pescatarian diet" -
"a cooked organic vegetarian diet"
- to
"a 50-60% raw organic vegetarian diet"
- to
"a 70-90% raw vegetarian diet"
- to a
"95-100% raw vegetarian diet"

It has been a carefree and natural transition, and I have really enjoyed the food I have eaten and in all of the different stages. However where I am now; "95-100% raw vegetarian diet" is the most delicious.

My transition has been information based, and the information I have received has suited my transition perfectly.

I have gradually learnt the harms of meat, milk, eggs, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, soya, sugar, salt, flour, cooked fat, heating of foods, medicines, food and politics, GM products, food chemicals etc.

I have learnt of water, acidity and alkalinity, detoxing, chlorophyll, stomach acids, the immune-system, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, good fats, enzymes, fibres, cells, the body, the sun, the mind, bacteria, healing, spirituality, detachment, fasting and much much more...

It has been one of the best journeys ever, I have learnt, I have applied the knowledge, I have seen and felt the positive results. I have learnt more, applied, improved, and so it goes.

I have seen other people apply my knowledge and improve and I have seen them ignore the knowledge to then decline again. I have seen and felt the healing powers of the best foods, and I have seen and felt the destructive powers of bad foods.

I lately asked myself, if you know what you know, do you really let your friends and family go on like they always have done?
slowly degenerating themselves with what should really give them nourishment - their food!

I know that you can't change others, just yourself, so it is an interesting question.

Anyway, my answer is that if people invite conversation regarding the subject, I do share, I share factually and enthusiastically to the level that I judge my listener is willing, or ready to take in.

I also decided to offer my family who was coming to visit a few days of experiencing the way I eat. they all accepted and tried it for two days, two days that was started with a meagre but effective 20 minute introduction, followed by a Q and A - mostly asked by my brother in law.

I focused on the positive side of my information, with the benefits of good foods, rather of letting them know of the damaging effects of bad foods, it sets for a lighter tone and less defensive listening.

The two days went really well, with everyone satisfied with the food, and helping out in the prep, asking questions and learning, easily and naturally.

This was our menue

Day one

Everyone started the day with plenty of water, followed with a bit of watermelon.

Late morning
Green smoothie from Celery, banana and water.

Early afternoon dinner:
Raw lasagne with a tomato and black olive seed-cheese

Evening smoothie:
rich and creamy smoothie with sunflower milk.

Fruits eaten throughout for those who wanted to snack... mostly mango as it was in the garden and in season.

Day two

Everyone started the day with plenty of water, followed with a bit of honey melon.

Late morning:
coriander and banana green smoothie.

11 o'clock tea:
raw cacao peel tea.

Early afternoon dinner:
Raw Thai pumpkin soup

Snack drink:
Mango banana smoothie

Evening meal:
Mango and Avocado salad,
and another salad I can't recall with a lime and herb dressing

Raw chocolate mousse cake with a strawberry sauce.

The two days went really well, and every one was happy, I am glad I could show my family how fun and easy you can make food, and I am glad to report that while skyping with my sister today she was making a deliciously sounding "raw beef" meal.

I am grateful for my family being open-minded enough to listen and experience my food, and my knowledge.
I am also grateful that they will feel and see the results of eating the best food ever.

My parents, who are still here, are eating allot of our food with us, and they fully enjoy the raw and living food that they are partaking in.

While I am on the whole expressing gratitude, I am ever so grateful for my princess for sticking with me on this human experience of the best health and the best food ever.

The most important thing to remember is that now is the best time ever.
- so make it the best ever, all the time!

Much love!

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