Wednesday, 12 January 2011

lets see where I take it this time!

This blog is built around the Buddhist saying:
`there is no road to happiness, happiness is the road´

Which is the way I live my life, and the way I strive to live my life.

There is no end destination, the end destination is always where you are...

The now is your only time, but the now doesn´t exist. Just like time doesn´t exist.
Time is man made, we have created it to get power over nature, and also over ourselves. It is a creation of and for society

There is a constant flow, and there is a movement of the earth and the moon, (and to a larger degree of the sun and the galaxy), so I am not disputing that there is a time continuum, or as I like to see it, a never ending change.

However there is no calendar, showing the time for the earth, or hours and seconds, these are all made up equations to try to capture a moment: past, future or present. Time is created to try to freeze moments, but moments can´t be frozen, they can only change... And as you change, the moments change, the past, which doesn´t exist (any-more) can be changed, depending on how we look upon the past in the present...

witness reports from crime scenes are good examples. There are usually as many different realities of the same ´past´event as there are witnesses. This is because the past event no longer exist, only a person in the present looking back at the past.

Anyway, time is key to society as we know it, and since time isn´t real, neither is society, I am not disputing societies existence, I am just disputing the fact that it isn´t true or real. It is build up to confine, trap and capture people in a strangle-held time dependency.

I accept the notion that time doesn´t exist, but I also hold it in large fascination. It is one of mankind's more fascinating tools and it captures moments in time. Both future and past (the winners past is what is told in history), the present can never be captured, as it is always changing.

Change is all there is - life is all about change.

anyway, my time is up, Poliana just arrived, and it is time for me to get going in to the ever changing continuum of life.

much love

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