Sunday, 10 April 2011

Inspiration - Osho

Last  night P and I went to a `Tao temple` where we listened to a very good talk on
intention - character - destiny
it was delivered by a Taiwanese who has lived in Brazil for 10 years. There was some bowing involved before the talk started and we couldn't sit next to each-other, as men and women sat on either side, men to the right and women to the left, the bowing was also taking place separate, men first then women. I always find these sorts of habits funny and a bit strained, but you know as they say, while in Rome.

in short:
what you think, feel, talk and focus on in the now becomes your character, and your character creates your life.

Nothing he said was new to either of us. But it was the first time I have heard a Tao Buddhist speak on the topic, and it was very nice.  You cant really get enough of good reminders, so it was welcomed.

However the real reason we were there was to show a green smoothie recipe on a vegetarian cooking class held after the aforementioned presentation.

We did a very small introduction and showed a simple green smoothie and spoke about it. People showed allot of interest and  and wanted to know more. It was great fun ad-libbing in Portuguese in front of a crowd, I got rather pleased with my language skills.

anyhow, here is a clip:.

Osho is great, here he is talking about provocation, humour, contradictions, attachment and freedom.

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