Sunday, 3 April 2011

What's the big deal with what you eat?

You are what you eat - a saying that you no doubt have heard. However, judging by how majority of people eat, I believe few people actually take in the reality of this statement.

You are what you eat - quite literally

Your body is constantly changing. Cells are dying, new ones are getting made in place of the old ones, fresh blood cells are being created, and much much more. Different cells/parts of your body regenerate with different frequency, everything from daily to yearly or more. But to give you a good idea of your body's regeneration, every 7 years you are a completely new make up of cells. Or to put it in another way; Today you are a completely new/different biological organism than you were 7 years ago.

Now here is a vital part; Your body creates its new cells from the minerals, vitamins, lipids, amino acids etc. that it receives from what you digest. Or to paraphrase once more; The compounds of what you digest becomes you!

This is pretty powerful information; You are constantly creating the new you, and play a direct role in the creation; You are the one who choose the building materials. You are the one who decides what your body will be made from.

You quite literally have the choice to degenerate by poor dietary choices or regenerating yourself by eating the best food ever.

Let's take a look at this in yet another form:

the health of my cells = the health of me
what  I eat = the health of my cells
the health of me = what I eat

The above spells it out pretty clear, and with this knowledge you can now choose to act, or to react.

It is far easier to react than to act, as to act requires a commitment from you, to take responsibility over your health, your body, your cravings, and in a longer vision your emotions and your thoughts and your life. 
Meanwhile to react all you need to do is nothing, or anything but the above. However, to react is to, not assume responsibility.

To Act purchases you knowledge, freedom, health, awareness and a great feeling of knowing that you are in charge!

To React doesn't change much of anything, everything stays just as before, and that is your choice, although heed my warning; In a Universe which is constantly changing to be stagnant is to oversee your own demise. (ageing, disease, stress, weight issues, mental ability, depression etc.)

Why is food such a big deal?

It's not, and that is the problem, we have made it a big deal; If you look at food as building blocks for your body, it's easy, however, this is not the way we were brought up, and this is not the approach society has to food. 

Eating is one of our basic needs and primal urges. It has many psychological aspects and habits interwoven with it, due to upbringing, cultural aspects, belief systems etc. 

Since we are all different we all have a slightly different relationship to food, but we all have one, and it is seldom one based on optimal health and vigour.

The food industry at large does not have your optimal diet in mind with the products that they sell - many times one could think that they have the direct opposite in mind. 
Your friends, your parents, your grandmother, your local restaurant, the supermarket, the government, your partner: Does not have your optimal diet in mind, the only one who will ever have your optimal diet in mind is you.

This is your life; You are in charge - You make all the choices!
Much Love

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