Thursday, 28 April 2011

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I thought I'd write you a little something

When I sit by the computer and work, I like to listen to random music, and one of my favourite places to do so is 8track where you can listen to peoples `mixed tapes`.

Press play and have a listen for the rest of the read.

I never thought I would post a picture of a cat on internet, and even less so here on my own personal blog. But here I am, embedding a mix with a bloody cat looking all comfortable,  fluffy and cute.


Today was Wednesday which is great as that means P and I go to the market and buy our food. We go twice a week, Saturdays and Wednesdays to keep us stocked up with nice fresh greens and fruits..

Today we bought> 20 green coconuts - box of bananas (probably 60-80 bananas) - 3 pineapples - 4 kg of tomatoes - 4 large avocados - box of kakis/persimmon, (12 big ones) - 16 figs - big bunch of coriander -  big bunch of dandelion leafs - and 2 massive passion fruits

We have plenty of greens in the garden so we don`t really need to buy greens, but it is nice to get something grown in a different soil.

P got some potatoes and mandioca (a root) to make gnocci for her father who is 78 tomorrow - This is also why we got so many tomatoes as I promised to do one of my famous tomato sauces... which I haven't done for about 2 years as it is cooked. I will definitely try some since P spent probably 4 hours making the gnocci (potato pasta).  To give P some company in the kitchen I created some awesome raw chocolates for her dads birthday, he loves our chocolates.

I don't use recipes and I seldom write down my own creations, but do I record them in my mind - where they usually stay.

P has however started a site in Portuguese and in English, where she is, and will share some of my recipes with you. Alongside health and nutritional information, inspiration and well-being. Naturally she has to get into the habit of writing for it, and also get me to sit down and write the ingredients list for the dishes that she chooses. To visit click the link: Comida Do Sol

Creating food that is tasty, gourmet and healthy is not only a good idea, it shows intelligence and sophistication, as well as being highly rewarding to both mind and body.

When you have friends over for dinner, or make something nice for the family, introduce something delicious and healthy. there are tons of recipes of healthy mouthwatering raw food on the internet, so it really is just to take a pick, and tweak after your own taste-buds.
I.e. This cake here sounds fantastic, try it out, I bet you will be knocked off your socks. Love Raw is an expert on desserts that are good for you and taste good, now that is cool...
I would substitute the agave for either honey or some other raw sweetener but that is the great thing with preparing things yourself, you can tweak it to your preference. to get the cake recipe go here: Love Raw

Raw desserts are not about maximum health, they are not even about raw food, they are about eating something delicious - and we all like to eat delicious food.

Check back on Saturday and I will let you know what we bought, that way you get an idea of what we eat in a week.

Much Love,

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