Thursday, 14 October 2010

Do you eat meat?

"Animals know when they are going to die. Their body's response to fear is a massive release of adrenaline which, after they are killed, is not removed from the tissue... just think, with every bite you are literally ingesting fear and violence."

My friend posted this on facebook, and she got some defensive meat comments back, funny and nice once, I'll give you the samples:
-buttt dammm gurrrl it tastes goood

- Knowing this makes eating meat all the more awesome.

- and with every bit of that fear and violence i am fed and well!

And to this I felt I wanted to add a few words and this is what I wrote:

it is your fear which is responding guys, you are scared of living life without meat, you know what she is saying is true... but you say it taste so good... but then when you start thinking and doing some serious research in to the matter, you can make a few different realizations and they are:
1. you don't live to eat, you eat to live, so eating what would make you live the longest or best would probably be ideal, fear and meat does not meet those standards.
2. hey other foods taste great too, I don't actually need to eat meat.
3. it is slowly killing me, cancer, heart disease, MS etc. when you think about it doesn't really sound like the rock n roll or ideal way to finish life.
4. you are a conformist that is buying in to the corporate bullshit and eating what they are feeding you... which is poison (and I don't refer to meat, I refer to what you find in the meat,and what the meat was fed.
5. Corporations feed you meat, filled with fear, and fear controls you, which makes you a sheep, which makes you cattle.
6. Animals (living species, with emotions), are being treated as a cash crop.
7. 50% of all fish pulled up from the oceans are fed to animals.
8. 80% of all crops grown goes to feeding animals.
9. Large parts of the world still have a vegetarian or mainly vegetarian diet.
10. Humans are not really meant to eat meat (teeth, intestines, our inability to actually catch with our bare hands/teeth and eat other animals (meat) raw)

There are very many more realizations that one can make, but I gave you a small sample... naturally change is not easy, fear is strong, and meat is what you have always known as being food and good food at that, it takes both curiosity, courage and strength to see what life would be like without meat...

and then I didn't even talk about the methane gas emitted by cattle. the deforestation which is happening to create gracing land etc.

Well guys as always I invite you to do your own research.

Much Love.

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