Thursday, 14 October 2010

updates on previous post.

And as fear and meat eating will defend itself to the teeth I got some follow up messages from my message... here they are, with my reply.

Will: If fish was good enough for jesus it's good enough for me. Hallelujah!

Daniel: And pork.

Barry: Yeah it was the corporations who fed pre-humans meat millions of years ago which allowed our brains to evolve into what they are now. You would not be who you are if not for meat eating

Barry: if you do your research you will realize that it was Fruit and seeds that made our brains grow, not meat as the corporations has made you believe, and if we would have eaten meat for millions of years our intestines would have evolved further to be able to properly digest meat, particularly raw meat, which you can't. it rots in your stomach.... and meat has nothing to do with the human brain size.. well that said, during the last 200 000 years the brain has degenerated and decreased in size. so you are right, without the practice of meat eating I wouldn't be who I am now, I would probably be even smarter... so meat and brain correlation is fed information... and I wonder where you learnt that?

Will: there are many things that point towards Jesus being a vegetarian (or even raw foodist) and preaching vegetarianism. staying true to the Genesis 1:29 teaching from God, as well as the commandment, Though shall not kill.

but once more do the research...

much love

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