Monday, 6 September 2010

thoughts from my garden

I saw the film Network last night, it is from 1976, and hits a very rusty nail on the head. "There are no nations there is no democracy, there is only business, the world is a business."

The thought of countries is a dying concept, there are only multinational corporations, and they run us through governments, UN, WTO, IMF, etc. still pulling a cloak in front of eyes, making us believe that the concept of nations is still valid... well the blurring of the edges is strong when EU has taken the sovereignty from its member nations, and WTO punishes any nation who do not play it's game of Free Open Markets... private banking giants (IMF) are receiving money from nations to lend out to other nations, with clauses and rules which takes the freedom even further from the nation than it was before... We have seen Greece, we have seen Iceland, we can see what is happening in the USA, and we will soon be able to see what will happen to the UK, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Then there is the impending war against Iran, the media networks are building it up and creating the groundwork for an attack... reports about people getting death sentences executed by stoning, and reports of civil unrest and nuclear weapons... all this so that we the people will not be too upset when Israel or USA throws the first stone....

death penalty in USA is by injection or electric chair, in Japan by hanging...

I don't see much difference from frying internally or getting battered by stones, so lets liberate USA, the people in the USA are ruled by a puppet government, they are an aggressor all around the world, they do have a nuclear bomb (and has used it in the past) they put their citizens in jail for very small minor offences in the name of profit. That's right jails are big business in the states and excellent access to free labour (slave trade), plus the tax payers pay for the whole thing.

Larger parts of the US prison population are in Jail due to minor Marijuana offences...

Marijuana, which is a proven medicine, one of the most effective pain killers on the market. The medicine companies would get big dents in their profit margin if people started making and using hemp oil as an anointment(said to heal skin cancer among many other ailments), or the leafs and flowers as a medicine...

Then we have Hemp, the answer to most of our environmental problems at this time in history: Strong Plastic, good fuel, high nutritional value, one of the strongest fibres known to man, stronger than wood. Now lets put this in to context for you, the brainwashed media and culture population.

Hemp if brought in as a industrial crop on full scale (in all nations) would wipe out the paper forest industry, the oil industry (yes, we would not need fossil fuels), in big parts the mining industry, iron ore, aluminium etc...
It would kill the cotton industry (whom uses 50% of all pesticides used in agriculture). The soya bean would also in big parts be made void if Hemp came in as a player, as would ethanol made from cane sugar... then we have the seeds, which would be able to feed the whole world, and would make very good animal feed (granted I would love to see a world without captured slave animals purely used for our consumption, particularly since the consumption of said meat is one of the main reasons to the poor health of the meat eating nations (cancer, heart decease etc.) and the main reason for our energy consumption, water consumption and in big parts pollutions.

One acre of Hemp is equivalent to one acre of grown forest when it comes to productivity, but you can replant it yearly ( a forest will take anything from 7 years +).

But as you can see Hemp (which doesn't have THC, which means you can't get high from it or use it as a "drug") would put many, very big industries on loose ground.

What you focus on gets amplified. so I don't focus on the above, but I do know about it, because I hold knowledge in high regard. I focus on love, gratitude, how amazing everyday is (they are you know), I focus on having the best time ever, all the time. I focus on my personal growth, I focus on laughter, harmony and beauty! I focus on my increased wealth, on my amazing health and all lives opportunities, which seems to be standing in a big cue just waiting for you to grab one or all of them.

I focus on my posture, I focus on my breathing, I focus on my thoughts, I focus on being concious... I focus on the truth... my truth is very different from the truth you are told by the media corporations, my truth is a truth that you don't get served up on the six o'clock news or in the morning news papers. My truth you can find in books, films and on the internet...

My truth is written between the lines, and my truth can be verified if you choose to know... and the lies of TV news and news papers can also be verified, all you need is a little will to wake up from the matrix, and start educating yourself.

It is a very liberating process... because you take back your freedom, the freedom of your thoughts, the freedom of your beliefs.

and when you start learning, you might get upset, you might get scared, you might be sad, you might not understand it... but you are learning.

Much love to you all!

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